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  1. Mary looks good above! Can't wait to see her finished!
  2. Thank you all for the kind words! He was very fun to paint!
  3. Beautiful work on both, and I love the two different interpretations. I don't think I'd have the patience to do that. I admire you for that! And of course for doing such a fantastic job on both!
  4. This is a Reaper Bones Eye Beast, glued onto a Secret Weapons Miniatures base, to which I added some green stuff to work the two bases together into a unified whole. The rest is just paint!
  5. Ooh, the belly looks much better now, thank you, Andy! I'm sorry it was so much work! I never have to do that much redoing when I paint. Although I usually plan out the colors with the client first, sometimes using Photoshop to test out schemes before I paint.
  6. Oooh, how exciting! She looks great! Although with her clothes on, you can't really see the prego belly. Maybe you need to exagggerate it a bit more for effect?
  7. Wow, Andy, you never cease to amaze me with your skill! I have no doubt that you are the right person for this job! I never coul have even imagined how gorgeous they are looking!
  8. Well done! Really well done! They have a perfect all-together as a set feel to them, and are excellently painted.
  9. The freehand is excellent, and her face looks feminine, which is difficult on this miniature (look at other painted versions of her, and you'll see what I mean). I agree with the other posters that it needs more highlights, but you are definitely on the right track!
  10. The hours were worth it - excellent job! I love it!
  11. This one is a speed paint for gaming. I wanted for a while to try painting a miniature with an almost-all brown palette, and with this mini in the queue, it seemed a good match. I painted this figure once before, 3 years ago, and I probably did a better job that time, but I put many, many more hours on it then. This one probably only took about 5 hours, not including basing. I made a custom enlarge base again, too, which is becoming standard for my fighter-type gaming figures. And here's the version I painted three years ago, for comparison:
  12. Oh, they're wonderful! And I thought Elizabeth was off, but I couldn't say how. You fixed it, though, whatever it was. It is hard to imagine them with hair, too, but what can see is beautiful!
  13. That's interesting. I never thought about how expression can change interpretation of a sculpted face's sex. I'm definitely glad that this experience will be applicable to future projects! Can't wait to see the next set of photos (as usual)!
  14. So, Andy, how do you like sculpting 54mm, as opposed to 28mm? Is it easier, harder, just different? Do you think you'll be able to apply what you've learned from these to future 28mm projects? I would think it would be harder to get as much expression in their faces at a smaller scale. And I'm sorry for not providing more than just enthusiastic excitement in my posts. I really don't know how to critique these. I think they're so wonderful. I don't have much else to say. :)
  15. Wow, Andy! They look so cool! I can't tell you how excited I am!
  16. Wow, that is so cool to watch, especially reading your commentary with it. You are reinforcing my confidence that you're the right person for the job! And it's actually kind of exciting not knowing when the next update I'll come along. Each one becomes an anticipated, but unexpected surprise!
  17. Wow, that is so cool! I didn't know you actually build their skeleton underneath. It is very enlightening to watch this unfold.
  18. Awesome to see this finally coming to life! I can't wait!!!
  19. I love the sun-speckling effect. It looks very realistic, and makes it feel like it's really underwater. Great idea and execution!
  20. Very nice! Your basing looks much better than mine. The figures are all very nicely spaced, too. And good paint job! Merry Christmas!
  21. The freehand fire on Cassie looks really good! I'm very impressed! The eyes on all your minis look really clean and sharp, too. I'm glad to see you've caught the painting bug, again.
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