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  1. Hey, that's pretty good! Nice gaming figures you've got there!
  2. Wow, that is exceptional. It is a vey artistic sculpt, and you gave it a very artistic treatment. Beautiful, simply beautiful! Have you put her on C'MON? I'd give her a high score.
  3. Yeah, that eye looks fantastic!
  4. I think Jab and I are going to pay Buglips to swing down the coast and kidnap you next year, goblin ninja style. Hahaha! I really did laug out loud at that one!
  5. Pushing yourself and trying new techniques is the only way to improve. We all need to do it!
  6. Yeah, nice texture on the roper, and I like how you painted it's eyes all glowy like that. Very cool!
  7. ReaperCon 2014 competition. Oh, I so want to attend ReaperCon sometime! It's so hard, since it's during school and all.
  8. Thanks, everyone! It sure has been a long time getting here, but I'm happy with it. Now I need to decide what to do with it. I'm thinking of auctioning it for charity, but shipping a diorama is dicey. I worry about all the little pieces breaking.
  9. Very nice, Andy! It's good to see you keeping your brushes wet, even though you're mostly a sculptor now. You're too good a painter to give it up altogether.
  10. This diorama is called Inharmonius, and is in support of human rights in China. It was inspired by the documentary Ai Wei Wei, Never Sorry, which I think every artist should watch. Figures are all Reaper (policemen heavily converted). See WIP thread here. Meaning of the symbols: Three Children: Violation of China's one-child policy Door Number: 9413: (gau2 sei2 yat1 saang1 in Cantonese) – nine die to one live, meaning 90% chance of being dead and only 10% chance of being alive, or survived from such situations (a narrow escape). Wall Art: Literally: the Changjiang River waves behind drive the waves ahead. Meaning: Each new generation excels the last one. Graffiti: River Crab – internet slang for censorship Text – “Inharmonious” Book Cover: Falun Dafa emblem – symbol of the banned Chinese religion Falun Gong
  11. OK, folks, what do you think? Better base? No more floor eating the back of the chasuble!
  12. Most people won't notice anyway, but yes, you have the skills to do that and make it look good! Derek If I have time before the show I'm attending this weekend, I may just give that a try!
  13. Thanks, everyone! Derek, yes, I noticed that after the fact, too. Do you think just painting a thin border like the rest would help, even if it's not sculpted?
  14. That's really cool! Very good fabrics and leather!
  15. Thanks for the idea! I'll squirrel it away on one of the scraps of paper I keep in my painting box. (I really need a notebook or something...nah!) And thanks for the offer to PS it for me. I know how to do that, though. I just didn't think to try it for this figure. Thanks, everyone, for all the kind words!
  16. Still not totally successful, though, right? Ah, well, it's my first attempt. I'll have to do it again sometime, for the practice!
  17. St. Patrick, converted from 02087, Brother Louis IV (basically I added a beard) The floor is supposed to be marble tile, with light through a stained glass window on part of it. Not sure it really works, but I gave it a shot. The freehand on the back is of shamrocks, not four-leaf clovers, in case you were wondering. Shamrocks have three heart-shaped leaves. St. Patrick used them to teach about the Holy Trinity.
  18. Just want to say again, Andy, that you are a phenomenal sculptor, and I really enjoy seeing your new work as you create it. Keep it coming!
  19. Tip: resist the temptation to add black to your shade color. Add blue instead.
  20. That's awesome! Sorry it's lost now, but it's great you saved some photos you could look back on. Thanks for sharing!
  21. I like the glowing green eyes. And it's overall just a nice solid job. Good work!
  22. Hehe. Plants vs. Zombies has a Zomboni - a zombie riding a Zamboni. I thought of it as soon as I saw the thread title! Nicely done, although I hate zombies. (I really do). I like the creepy eyes, and the loincloths are nicely painted.
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