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  1. Cool, thanks! How did you find that, BTW? It's not in the online catalogue.
  2. This is a Bones figure I painted in about 2 hours for a D&D character. My goal was to get a decent-looking job done, and that's it. Nothing special. It is marketed in the Reaper Kickstarter as a "new Bones" figure. It looks just like Kellen, Nobleman Adventurer, but with a hood. I couldn't find an SKU for this exact figure, though, since it's not available yet.
  3. Even so, I'll leave it to the other competitors...at least until I've spent my credit! (I have too many figures to paint already!)
  4. Does it really qualify as pulp, though? And besides, I still have an unspent Reaper store credit from the last contest I entered, so I'll save the other entrants the competition. (Not that I'd be sure to win, anyway!)
  5. This is painted so beautifully! I love the subdues palette, and the freehand on the belly is a nice touch. The etched brass leaves give it the perfect tropical feel. I particularly like the touches of yellow in the highlights on the upper areas, like the shoulders and the forehead, as if he is standing in the sun. Your work is always inspiring!
  6. Thank you, Derek, for the thoughtful feedback. I always appreciate it when you take the time to critique one of my minis. I'm glad I took the time to establish the palette before I started. I chose the blue, because it's the compliment of the skin's base color. Using complimentary colors is something I discovered can really bring life to a miniature.
  7. I think the cloak is the best part of this mini. The dark lining is nice, too. Good work! My suggestion is to play with more colors in the shadows. White and black desaturate, so shade with not just a black- darkened shade of the base, but with another color. And use white only in the brightest highlights. Keep it up! You're improving. And practice is the only way to learn.
  8. Hey! Is that allowed? If so, I'd paint yours, Talespinner! (If you don't have the time).
  9. CashWiley, that is pretty close to my gaming group's reaction when my friend told us his character's name. (I like this one, myself.) Pingo, I always use some of the base color's compliment in the shadows, so his skin has blue shading as well as some reddish brown, which is what you are seeing. And thank you, everyone! I'm glad you like it!
  10. Thanks, everyone! And Maglok, my friend told me to Pai t it however I want, just not red! I didn't start him for a really long time, because I couldn't decide on a palette, but I guess I finally made up my mind! Derek Schubert's version of this was very inspiring, and helped me in picking out the details that I had trouble "seeing" in the sculpt.
  11. Fantastic! That is such an incredible work. You've put that figure in such a perfect setting. And your painting is just right for the scene. Amazing!!!
  12. Here's my next Reaper Bones gaming figure, for my friend's Tiefling Beguiler, Thorne In-Yo-Cide (Yeah, that's really his name). The figure is Damien, Hellborn Wizard (03321) by Derek Schubert. It's a beautiful sculpt!
  13. OK, I know it's been forever since I posted any progress on this, but I have been working on it, albeit slowly: The apartment isn't painted yet, because I haven't decided yet how to paint it. That includes the door, the interior walls, and the floor. I want to make the OSL stronger, too. And the rat is too big. I tried sculpting one, but it was a mess. I think I'll probably just pull him off and put some trash there instead.
  14. Beautiful work, Derek, as usual, although the eyes on this one are particularly striking. Gorgeous!
  15. Great job! The skin tones work well, and the time spent on the eyes were worth it. I assume you we're trying to make them match her angry expression? The overall palette is very nice, too, and her hair is nicely done.
  16. Fantastic composition! Great storytelling! Please tell us how you constructed the base. Details! We want to know it all!
  17. You need to shake the bottle, and I mean really shake it. That's probably your problem. Then you can use it straight from the bottle, or thin it like paint. But either way, it should come out the consistency of paint.
  18. I like your desert ranger. The color scheme is very nice.
  19. I asked my friend what colors he liked, and he said red hair and a green coat, and anything else I thought would work. I used just about every color but blue, so he is more warm than cool, but still very colorful. I think I would have had a hard time finding color for all his do-dads if I tried to stick with a more limited palette.
  20. Beautifully done, really very nice. From the photos you've posted, there isn't much I could critique, other than that you colors are a little flat. Try shading with the base color's complement, and avoid white in highlights as it tends to wash things out. Use a pale yellow to highlight green instead. Otherwise, very nicely done!
  21. Here are two more speed-painted tabletop figures for D&D. They are Reaper Bones line versions of 02811 Dain Deepaxe and 60044 Damiel Iconic Alchemist. They took me longer than my last speed-paint, because they are more detailed. (Darn Damiel and his fiddly bits!) But they still are speedy for me, about 5-6 hours each, instead of my usual 12-15. They each have a coat of gloss, covered by a coat of matte, for heavy handling, and so they have a few shiny spots here and there.
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