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  1. The marble looks great! Excellent basing, Sean!
  2. The base looks fantastic! Did you sculpt the tropical plants?
  3. Thanks for posting the step-by-step for the freehand. That's very helpful!
  4. The blue comes across as a light source, instead of a tone of skin, but perhaps that will be corrected as it progresses. And don't be discouraged, Sean. Every project feels like it goes through a "this looks like #%*" phase. Just push on, and it will be awesome!
  5. I'm sure it varies a lot by manufacturer, just like today. For instance, Darksword Minis don't look right next to Reapers. They may be the same height, but their proportions are totally different. Of course, back then it was way worse. I guess I got lucky with TSR. Like I said about the quality of the mini, though, if it wasn't in good shape and a good size, I wouldn't have bought it.
  6. I've had that similar experience, and I remember talking to Andy about that, how he debates on his sculpts whether to sculpt the fine textures at all, or let painters add them, things like feathers and fur are so central to the piece, but will they sell if left smooth? Not all painters appreciate the freedom to freehand those things. It must be a difficult choice sometimes. And Derek, when are you going to tackle a SENMM project? If you recall, I offered you that challenge when we met last summer. I would love to see what you came up with. It's the first thing I thought of when I saw your painted Perseus. His shield was supposed to be so shiny he used it as a mirror to reflect the Medusa's gaze back at herself.
  7. Oh, yeah. Fear is the bane of growth as a painter. Be bold! You can always paint over your mistakes, anyway.
  8. Sure! This is just a cellphone photo, but you get the idea.
  9. Awesome sauce!! Is that glaze you speak of the last thing?
  10. Nicely done! Sorry you ran into trouble during the process, but you really can't tell after the fix. The wings match the rest much better now.
  11. He really wasn't much smaller than the rest of my collection:
  12. Very cool! The highlighting on the scales really pops.
  13. From the pictures he looks nice and clean. Lead rot really seems to be a problem of the environment. Kept well away from wood, cardboard, oil paint and other sources of acid, lead lasts pretty okay. Yup, no problems. I wouldn't have bought him, otherwise.
  14. Thanks, everyone, for the compliments. And Andy, I was getting rusty! I think I could have done better... I need to practice more to get my skills back. I've been doing some of that with my violin lately, too. It's amazing how far muscle memory will take you, though. I played a concerto I learned 15 years ago (Mendelsohn), and was able to get through all but the cadenza. But then I tried something new, and stumbled through even the first few measures. So my painting hands know what they're doing, but I need to keep it up, or I lose that highest bit of skill that makes the real difference.
  15. I used my Dremel to polish it, so I wore a dust mask.
  16. Oh, very very cool! How long did that take you?
  17. I found this figure in an antique shop. "TSR" was stamped on the bottom. I searched the web, and found on DnDLead.com that this miniature was part of a 1983 TSR AD&D "Basic Figure Set". I took extra precautions while prepping it, since I'm sure the lead content is pretty high. Photos of the TSR Box set (from DnDLead.com):
  18. I agree with Sean (Jabberwocky) about the wings, and I'll repeat what I said before: Shade the underwings with the compliment of that bright green, to make it appear more natural. Then add highlights of a neutral lighter color. That ought to do it. And that patterning on the top is wicked cool!
  19. He's all done! Link to Show Off thread post with the finished bust.
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