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  1. I don't think it's bad at all. It certainly makes an acceptable tabletop gaming mini. I actually like it a lot. I've never really gotten the hang of all browns on a mini. You've pulled it off nicely.
  2. I agree with what previous posters said about taking some time away from painting. I have done this myself. Early this year I spent a couple months making things with my new sewing machine, instead of painting. My husband actually thought I gave up the painting hobby. I just dove into that new hobby until I'd had enough, then gradually made my way back. And I really like what junex had to say. I am always motivated by spending some time with other people who are into the hobby. And by viewing beautiful miniatures on CMON, or reading tutorials of new techniques I'd like to try. I also find it inspiring to look at fine arts in general. Spend a few hours at a good art museum one day.
  3. Can I make a simple request regarding the smilies here on the Reaper Message Boards? When you click on the smilie in the new post edit box, you get a simple list of about 20 smilies, with an option to display the full set. Can you put the most commonly used smilies in the default list? If the message boards administration has no easy way to determine which ones are most often used, may I suggest polling the community? For instance, about the only smilie I ever use is the basic smiling face (the one you see in the new post edit box), but that one is not in the default list, and I always have to bring up the full set in a separate popup to get to it, which is kind of annoying, especially if I'm posting from a mobile device. And if it is not possible, I understand. I figured it couldn't hurt to ask, though. Thank you!
  4. Overall, it's a very clean, solid paint job. Well done! The stripes and checks are a little uneven, but geometric patterns are really hard to eyeball, especially when you have to account for them being deformed by the folds in the fabric. Nice job on the eagle, though! Another critique is on the basing. You obviously put a lot of work into the paint job, but the green slab bases distract from it. You should add little flock or static grass to the bases, and paint some brown dirt in between. That would really add a lot to the realism, I think, and keep the viewer from thinking of those people who pave their front lawns and paint them green.
  5. Good attention to detail, there. Your friend must be happy!
  6. I hope your thread topic refers to the miniature and not her services! Nice work!
  7. Oh, very very nice! Your blending is smooth, and it's the little details, though not a big deal to paint for someone of your skill, that nonetheless bring the miniature to life: the texture on the tops of the tentacles, the highlights in the eyes. Oh, well done, my friend!
  8. I looked at myself in the mirror when I started, but not for the last part. I just took your advice.
  9. And here are the photos! The color is more accurate here than in the previous photos. (I adjusted the white balance on my camera.) I think the black edging is lacking, though I don't know how to improve it...
  10. I think I'm done with Elizabeth. I worked on her for about 2 hours last night. I need to take some time away, then go back for a second look. Sometimes when you've been starting at a miniature for a while, stepping away, then coming back, can give you insights you didn't have before. I also need to take high-res photos (which I'll post) and look her over carefully for imperfections. So I'm not ready to call her definitely done yet, but she's very close. On the casting front, I'll be visiting the model shop next week. I'll bring the unpainted Mary and an old painted gaming mini to test mold to see if it damages the paint. If that works out, I'll cast Elizabeth later. In the meantime, I can start painting the base and the chicken (which I don't plan to mold, because it's too fragile).
  11. The painting is very nice! I like the color scheme, and the blending is good. The primer looks very rough, though. Did you spray prime during high humidity?
  12. Here are the latest photos. You see what I mean about the eyes? They need more highlighting, so her smile doesn't look forced.
  13. Thanks for the advice, Dontfear. I'll mention that to Rob, for sure.
  14. There's no release agent involved. The mold is silicon. Once it dries, it peels right off. I'm just afraid some of the paint might peel off with it. Like I said, though, I'll do a test run with an old gaming figure first to be sure. The digital scan is not a bad idea, though, and may be even better than a 5-use mold, anyway.
  15. So, I have been painting. I just haven't taken photos. I painted Elizabeth's face. The primer and paint filled in her wrinkles, which I thought might happen, because they are so very subtle. I had to freehand them on. I think it looks pretty good, though she needs more highlighting, especially around the eyes. Smiling expressions are difficult. If the eyes aren't right, the smile looks forced. I'll try to snap some photos soon, but may not get to it until tomorrow. (Tonight is Game Night and I have to work late, so I'll only have time to make dinner and eat with the fam before I'm out the door taking up the mantle of my dwarven cleric to fight evil in the basement of a friend.) I also worked on the white fabric, black trim, and the brown belt. I still want to put more time in on the red, because it doesn't look done yet to me, but I didn't touch it recently. The Model Shop tour was a blast, especially since the guy who runs it, a man named Rob, loves his job so much and is a great talker. I showed him some of my models, and taught him how to paint basic eyes. He has a high-rez 3D scanner and printer, and many specialized tools and equipment. Rob showed me his ships and other models, and did a sample molding and casting for me. Then - get this! - he offered to make silicon molds of Andy's Visitation figures for me! They're only good for about 5 castings, but it's better than nothing. I don't know if we can mold Elizabeth, since I already started painting her. I will wait until she's finished and varnished, then maybe do a test molding of an old gaming mini to see if the silicon mold material damages the paint job. Some of the detail may be lost to paint fill-in, too. I haven't primed Mary or the chicken yet, so they should be castable as is. Andy, email me, and we'll discuss the details - I want you to have the molds. Rob is also going to commission me to paint a 4-inch figure of a man who was digitally scanned, and a 2-inch bust of the man for whom the Naval base I work on was named, John A. Dahlgren.
  16. Exactly. Cheap filler. I used it for "army" basing, when I just wanted a rough rocky floor, not a finely sculpted scene. It's nice to have cheap junk around for that type of thing, so you don't waste your good stuff.
  17. 54mm is a challenge. I'm so used to all my little tricks for implying light, blending on a small surface, etc., and they don't all work on a larger model. I keep finding myself painting out of habit, then having to force myself to slow down and think more. The eyes were easier, being larger, but the red is tricky. I don't have a deadline, though, so I can take all the time I need. In other news, I got an interesting email today. I work on a Navy base, and I got a message from a man who runs a model shop on base. They create scale models of ships and vehicles. He saw my work and invited me for a tour of the shop tomorrow. I'm pretty excited. I didn't even know the shop existed. It was a great surprise. He wants me to bring some of my miniatures so he can see them in person, and we can share tips and techniques. I can't wait!
  18. I pulled out my Milliput and fixed the left corner of the wall. I used what was left to sculpt the vase/pot thing. Daughter R: What is that? Me: What does it look like? R: A pot. Me: That's what it is. R: Oh, you're good at pottery. Haha! Get it? My kids think they're so funny...
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