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  1. Went to Miniature Market and picked up a 2000 pt U.N.A. army + U.N.A. army book + U.N.A. TAC template for $116.49. I got the 2 most recent U.N.A. striders, a Fire Crawler & Defender Cobra M8 along with 3 infantry unit boxes. Shipping was free.
  2. Broode

    Star Trek

    Still haven't had a chance to see it, but hope to soon. I've been a Trekkie(the correct appellation for "old-school" Trekfans, NOT Trekker) since the age of 2. I'm a rarity among most other Trekkies I know, I am actually glad that new life is being given to a great American cultural icon. Most other Trekkies of my acquaintance, won't even give the new movie a chance. I guess they forgot the meaning of the Vulcan IDIC symbol. It's about time that the rest of the populace can enjoy Star Trek not just "Trek-Nerds"
  3. AT-43 is an excellent game It plays fairly fast, its turn system is better balanced than 40K, has AWESOME pre-painted miniatures, is relatively inexpensive right now, and is all around fun
  4. Right now AT-43 is even cheaper online. You can get a box of 3 TacArms for about $10, in fact most level 3 Infantry(power armor) Unit Boxes are selling for that. Rackham is working hard to draw new players in, while Games Workshop is doing its best to drive them away. Go figure
  5. I've been looking into the game and it is a pretty good system. Definitely more enjoyable than 40K. The new Army Boxes for Red Blok and the newest faction, the Cogs, are due out in June and provide a player with a 2000pt battle-ready-straight-from-the-box for an amazing $70! Can't do that with 40K
  6. I'll second that Pig Iron's Kolony Militia are very nicely detailed and are a lot cheaper than buying GW's minis.
  7. Broode

    No Limits

    I'd definitely like to see some photos. I download the rules about a month ago and liked what I read. I'm currently "stat" -ing up Pig Iron Production's Heavy Infantry and Kolony Militia figures along with various converted Space Marine & Imperial Guard vehicles, as well as some vehicles from Old Crow. Also going to do a CSO Peacekeeper force from Rezolution.
  8. Broode

    No Limits

    Anyone here play the No Limits skirmish rules? How do you like them and what type(s) of forces do you use?
  9. Most of the AT-43 minis are cool looking, but I'm not sure about the rules. I think I'll get some of the minis to to stat out for the No Limits rules system. They're getting to be cheap enough to make them worth including them in my minis collection.
  10. The Warhawk datacard in RC08 is the correct one, currently being the most up to date one, pending or barring any changes being made in the upcoming RC09, which will be out SOON(sorry, couldn't resist )
  11. I know I'm not an official Reaperpeep, but I might be able to help on a few of the weapons: 20th Century: (from left to right) sprue 1- 1. Revolver 2. Automatic Pistol 3. WWI Trench Knife 4. Pump-action Shotgun(Viet Nam-era) 5. Sawed-off Shotgun 6. Thompson SMG sprue 2- 1. Springfield M-1903 2. Winchester Repeating Rifle 3. MG34 4. H&K G-series Battle Rifle(possibly G3/91/93) 5. Browning Automatic Rifle with Viet Nam-era mods 6. MP40 Schmeiser Modern (from left to right) sprue 1- 1. not sure on this one. Possibly a VZ-61 Skorpion SMG 2. IMI Uzi SMG 3. AR-15/16 4. H&K MP5SD 5. AK-47 sprue 2- 1. Automatic Pistol 2. Revolver 3. Knife 4. Combat Shotgun 5. Baseball Bat 6. Hockey Stick
  12. Here's a link to Free Wargame Rules, click on the science fiction miniature game rules: Free Wargame Rules There are links to several of the aforementioned games plus a few more
  13. I was wondering, is there a listing of ranks anywhere for the RAF? Also, a listing of Ritterlich units. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  14. http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=30885 Another cool conversion
  15. http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=30759 Cool conversion
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