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  1. Macharius

    40k Imperium = Space Nazis?

    I've played the Imperial Guard nearly 20 years (I started when GW wasn't avaible here Germany in Shops ) My understandig of the 40K (related to background started with first edition until fifth, when I stop to play GW: All faction are more or less evil. But remember, the background say they fght to survives and hate each other. So alliances were limited and short. More often then not, the Empire of Man defend their territory against the other races After they repel an attack with heavy loses, they seek revenge, to make sure that this enemy doesn't strike again. The Empire attack, but through the limitation of supplies these are Holy Crusades. Most of it attacks re counter-attack after the momentum of the enemy had end. The attack the Empire starts are Holy Crusades. Mean: A large fleet with sometimes some hundred regiments of the Imperial Guard, backed by one or two Space Marine Order, some Chapter of the Holy Inquisition , a Titan legion from Machine Sect on Mars and local recruits. Back these concentration of troops cost time, and is realtive rare. The Empire is a very religious race. But keep in mind: The Emperor has bring the humans back, they were nearly extinct, and force to serve alien masters. their equipment is old! the tech is 10.000 years old, no realy research The Empire are no nice guys, they are merciless (see Kommissars), and use very strong propaganda. They may have more commen to Stalin's Sowiet Union the Third Reich. But again their enemies also take no POW. They eat the Humans, sacrify them, drain their essence, or mind control them. The Empire was born with war, as the man, who would be called the Emperor, gather the rest the human fighting able mans and liberated the humans colonies. These were conquered by alien after the fall of the human Reign of Technology. These lead also to technophoby of the humans. Why trust a machine, which could turn against you, if humans with low tech (by their view) equipment could do the same. Even the humans xenophoby start before the Empire, as various alien races take control of human colonies. The religion is dark gothic. The Inquisition is what we think of the Middle Age Inquisition: ruthless, merciless and bigot. But their point: better to lost few thousend the whole human race. The is the Extermitatus, whole destruction of an complete planet, but as last resources. Also were many regiments purified after they had fight against Chaos, even that is self-defenses (from their point of view). Because the chance that a regiment that fight against Chaos, will but join forces with Chaos at some after war, is pretty high (Some old Background say of chance over 95%!). But look at the religion of Orks an Eldar: Ork belief their weapon function. And they work, even it would be physical impossible. The Elder sacrify some of their people to wake their war god (the Empire say : War Demon ) And then the Eldar create one of the four great Chaos gods, something that even the Empire had not done. But to say the Empire are Space Nazi are wrong, at least in my opinion. They do what they had to to survives, the Third Reich did it from a pervert idiology of supremacy.
  2. Macharius

    Search for two loving chicks

    thanks alot Why couldn't find them ????
  3. Macharius

    Search for two loving chicks

    Sorry, maybe Off-Topic But I search two chick (model) I can't find anymore. First one: She must be an elf, most likely an evil one. Right hand: a cruel longsword, left hand: a shield with spiderweb decor. Her armor also posses something like a spiderweb decor. Second one: Sitting on a spider decor throne. her armor shows also something like the spiderweb decor. Could anybody help?
  4. Macharius

    Chicks and whips

    in the moment have no idea what the function of these "wings". Maybe really artificial wings (SA Fly). I think she may be a "good" corupt elf. (Mean Darkspawn elf, but not an Isiri elf
  5. Macharius

    Vampires and feeding

    As a Darkspawn leader ( ) I had to ask: Could vampires feed from demon? If I recall the rule correct, they could. But because of background the demons are not from "this" (Taltos) world, so there could be the possibility that the Vamp couldn't feed from demons. But as I get Pain Tokens from undead models, so may the vamp feed from demons
  6. Macharius


    Sorry, I have again to ask a question : The default Darkspawn army list is a mixed listed of Elves (Isiri and Corrupt) and Demons ?! The conclave list is a more or less true demon list ?! Will there ever a "true" Elves list for the darkspawn ??
  7. Macharius


    Yes she is really pretty (but she lost (if I recall correctly) her ability to use Elite), and there is also a Sucubus Elite rogue (a 10"Flyer with Raider/2 and Backstab/2), so she is also lovely So a full unit of flyer! plus a big demon hero flyer!
  8. Macharius


    Ok, would you agree, that Darkspawn's strenghts are the many nasty demons? But many of them are Beasts, so they can't get equipment in the moment. I hope there will be sometime official Beast upgrades. I like the new Data cards very much, but that many of the demons couldn't modifiy is a little bit sad. This may the reason, why I go on your nerves ( ) with my wish for clerics and more mages. EDIT: Because I doesn't find any background for the Darkspawn, I will try to write my own fan fiction. But I would like to ask if some of the following points were allready discuss: the ratio between Isiri <-> Corrupted elves <-> Demons: is the allready a "official" ratio between these, or could I use any ratio I want? Are the Isiri the lowest tier of the Darkspawn, or would all three groups posses an equal chance for being in charge? How does they build their buildings, "sacret" places aso, or I could use/write anything I would like?
  9. Macharius


    IMO the "Pain Token" thing cames from "their patron demon or devil", but if they posses a main god there should be at least 1 cleric. What I mean: there are only one Elite Mage: Thuusia, but IMO they should posses at least two different ones. The second should be an Elite Demon Mage.
  10. Macharius

    Beast equipment ?

    There could be many possibilities for example: Collar of Follow: Beast could used as trooper model, mean join a leader but not as Elite Chain of Discipline: Beast must join a leader as Elite model, and as non-combat action the leader could chain the Beast to point on the battlefield, and as long as the Beast is chained to this point, it could attack enemies maybe 5 inches away, but cannot be shaken and cannot retreat Collar of Fury: Beast gain one additional attack, but MAV, DV and MD lost 1 point Chain of Friendship: Beast could defend leader, means could use it defense strikes if the leader is attacked, but must be 1" away or in BtB with leader These are only ideas, the list is far from being complete. EDIT: for Beast armor: lesser Beast armor: raise DV by one, and gains deflect/1 or raise deflect by 1, but lower MOV by 1 and an Improved Charge is halved. medium Beast armor: not for Soldier models, raise DV by two, and gains deflect/2 or raise deflect by 2, but lower MOV by 1 and an Improved Charge is halved. improved Beast armor: only for Leader or Elite Beast, raise DV by two, and gains deflect/2 or raise deflect by 2,but lower MOV by 1 Greater Beast armor: only Leader Beast, maybe Unique, raise DV by two, and gains deflect/2 or raise deflect by 2
  11. Macharius


    I am new to Warlord and to the Darkspawn So I have some questions about them Will there ever some background for the Darkspawn (like the faction book for the Crusader? why does they only posses 1 mage and no cleric? In the rulebook in the passage of gods and magic (RPG doubleside) there is is a god of the Darkspawn mention Did they get sometime Darkspawn only things like the Revan Bonesplitter or the Overlord Spiked Armor?
  12. Macharius

    Beast equipment ?

    Will there ever equipment for beasts? IMO there could/should be something: collars chains whips for Leader model Beast armor