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  1. Well looks like I'm starting late. Got sick Wednesday night at work and only just started feeling better. Taking him with me to work tonight to work on prep and cleanup. Hopefully tomorrow will be nice to allow a priming and then the fun begins (mostly because I have no idea how I'm going to paint him).
  2. Received my Ogre yesterday. Keeping him in the blister until the 20th. Doesn't appear to have much to prep and get him ready. Didn't notice any mold lines. How is everyone starting this guy? Are you priming him or just gonna slap some paint on? I thought I read somewhere that the bones could be painted on without primer, but I don't have any experience with them, so wanted to see what everyone else was thinking of doing.
  3. Order mine, but made a mistake doing it. Contacted Reaper and asked them to adjust, so now just waiting for everything to arrive.
  4. Okay. Just ordered the Ogre Chieftain, and waiting for him to arrive.
  5. I'd be interest in joining as well. I consider myself basic to slightly above basic. I have basecoating and drybrushing mostly down. I've been working on painting up some GW Orks and am having problems with skin tones and layering, so that's where I can work on. Haven't even attempted eyes yet. I'll go with whatever the consensus is, just give enough notice, so I can order the mini and get it here.
  6. Hey all, I'm trying to decide on some sand for basing my Warhammer 40k Orks onto. Was wondering what brand/type everyone uses (regular play sand, etc). Any help would be appreciated, as I would like to get this soon, so I can start working on more minis.
  7. Retook pictures of the skeleton this morning.
  8. I need to get a Reaper Master Series Equivalent (if possible) for GW Goblin Green. I searched the forums and the old equivalent field green is not available to be purchased anymore. I have both sets of the Reapear Series HD paints, so if something in there matches closer, please let me know. Thanks, Arkayn.
  9. Thanks. I'll see if I can get a better pic up for commenting tommorow after waking up.
  10. Photo fu is still off. Comments, critiques welcome.
  11. Doesn't look like the 9167 Field Green is available anymore. Can anyone recommend a new equivalent for GW Goblin Green?
  12. Please excuse my photo fu. Still working on getting the settings/placement just right for miniature shots. Sad how the camera really finds the flaws.
  13. Hi folks, I finished up my DHL Skeleton archer. Thanks for the tips in the WIP forum. I didn't have any ink (will have to get that), so I used Citadel Devlan Mud wash to try and bring out the spacing between his ribs more. Eyes were done with Reaper Pro Paints Blood Red. Quiver was done in Reaper Pro Paints Oiled Leather, with the arrow tops done in RMS Pure Black. The bow was done in Reaper Pro Paints Woodland Brown. Comments/Critiques welcome. Arkayn
  14. Hi folks, I'm working on my next DHL skeleton and having issues with the shading/washing. Please take a look, see if you can see where I've gone wrong. He was base coated in RMS Aged Bone, washed in RMS Bone Shadow and then I did a drybrush of the base coat to bring up the raised areas. My other Skeleton, I posted in the Show Off and was informed that I should have made the space between the bones darker. Thanks, Arkayn
  15. Okay. I have two Pro Paints that the paint inside is gone and I need to find a Master Series paint that is close to it, if possible. Looking to replace Brass (Pro Paint # 08105) and Red Metallic (Pro Paint # 08110). Anyone have know if there is a Master Series or Master Series HD equivalent for these? Arkayn
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