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  1. If you wouldn't mind, I would like those. [email protected] Thanks in advance.
  2. I thought I had read somewhere that Razig's Revenge will not be a part of the new book. If that's true, when will the data cards for them show up? I have pirates with nothing to do.
  3. I have no intention of going as I am in Indiana, and I know people hate this kind of post on forums, but seriously, LOL to the above post. Hope you all have fun, I would if I could.
  4. Sorry if these are covered elsewhere, but Im asking anyway. 1. Blessing: If 2 spellcasters are in the same troop, and 1 of them casts blessing, the other wouldn't get the benefit of the spell for his own spell cast that activation, right? 2. Pike: Is the pike ability triggered on a charge, or on a charge with an attack? 3. AOE Spells: If an AOE spell goes off, and a flyer is in the Area, would it too get affected? Same for Burrowing. 4. If a model has cleave, or pierce, and needs to roll 3 greater than the targets DV, does a natural 10 automatically trigger it? Example: A model has cleave with MAV of 6, its target has DV of 14. So it would need an 8 to hit, or an 11 to cleave. Since rolling an 11 on a D10 is impossible, does that mean it has no chance to cleave its target, or would rolling a natural 10 trigger cleave? 5. Thought of this one late. Related to #3, can a figure that is flying be a target of chain lightning if all the other models are on the ground? I guess same for burrowing on this one, too. Thanks for the help.
  5. It seems as though you're sold all ready, but I'm throwing in my 2 cents also. The best part to me is the factions within the faction, and how each faction plays a certain ability. I play Darkspawn, have no intention of playing the Daisy Chain (Unless I play for a million bucks sometime), but that doesn't mean my Darkspawn army is trash. You can play your Darkspawn vs my Darkspawn, and its not necessarily a mirror match. You play Demons, I go more Isiri heavy,and they play very different. Also, playing abilities differently. My friend plays Nefsokar, uses the swift attack to soften up enemies for his main fighting force. I play Darkspawn, use the swift attack as a way to take out figs left behind or shaken up. More clean-up for me. Same ability, 2 different ways to use it. Invest in the game, you will not be dissapointed.
  6. Thank you, I thought that was what it said.
  7. Can a figure only counterspell when it is the target of a spell, or is there a range it needs to be in? I was under the impression it had to be targeted, either alone or part of an AOE. Thanks for the help.
  8. A cad AND a bounder? I can see cad, but a bounder? You can't just go throwing around accusations of boundering all willy nilly.
  9. Would using the Nefsokar ability to delay deployment of troops, then using spy, be a good way to spread troops out before Daisy Chain goes off? Of course, you would still have to get 2 or 3 of your activation cards to come up before daisy chain goes off, and get plenty of spread, and still have to pretty much have a troop sacrificed to the end result of the chain, but would this take most of the early punch out of the chain? Just wondering, I have a friend who wants to play against the DC, so I will be fielding it. He is wracking his brains to come up with something. He seems to think the Spy SA is key, which any army has access to. My thought would be, when setting up terrain, get cheap and surround your models with impassable terrain with 2 exits guarded by fodder, and group everybody up, which leaves you open to a guros fireball, but better than being swarmed by all the demons. Thoughts?
  10. And just so you don't spend the next couple minutes reading the Impassable Terrain section and wondering what the hell Gus is talking about, the specific section on that page that he is referencing is Obstacles which is the last paragraph of the first column on page 20. Yes, between all these answers I think I got it. He was wrong, I was right, thereby extending my victory a little bit more. But, like I said, I was winning pretty easily, and it didn't really change things, so no big deal. He had given Mossbeard hover with a spell, and was enjoying the thought of a flying tree travelling all over the battlefield. I will let him know though. Thanks for the replies.
  11. A friend of mine and I just recently played a game of Warlord, and had a question come up about hover. He was saying a figure with hover can go over not only figures, but also up and over any obstacle no matter the height, even coming to a stop on an obstacle if the base is big enough. This seemed like flying to me. I relented, because I was winning pretty handily at the time, but I think he is wrong about this. I read hover to mean it just means the figure ignores terrain like water, swamp, etc, and the 1" penalty for going up an elevation. Any help on clarifying please.
  12. I like that. Attack your own, let him use def. strikes in a hairy situation. Free attacks. Awesome. Im not ashamed to say Im going to steal that tactic. Ill make sure and yell "viva la Stubbdog" when doing it.
  13. True, but since he didn't say anything about it being 2.0 only, and since he said he has done it quite a bit, I thought I'd chime in with a pre-2.0 experience. I guess I'll put all razig and kaborlas models away for a few months since they are irrelevant now. Sorry to offend.
  14. Here's how I see that issue. If a warrior, who is supposedly trained in this type of combat, is any good at all, he's not going to miss 10% of his shots, especially if they are easy enough that a roll of a one would beat the target by a large margin. On the other hand, even a new recruit who's never held a sword or bow can get a lucky shot in. Point taken, and not arguing. But, we attribute it to a heroic effort on the part of the person who doesn't die. Maybe he rolled just right, or the wind knocked the arrow off target, I don't know. We like it, so we are going to stick with it, but in no way am I trying to be mad at the game or anything. If ever in an official tourney, i could do without it and be just as happy. Just so long as everybody leaves my Ice Demon alone, I really painted him good. Give him a break.
  15. In defense of the 1 auto failure, not trying to argue or change any opinions here just sayin'. We feel it is the opposite side of the same coin as the 10 auto success. Nothing feels worse than rolling a 1 to fail when any other number hits, except maybe watching your opponent roll a 10 when any other number misses. Either way, somebody feels like a hero, and somebody curses the dice god. Just depends on which side of the die roll you are on. But, like I said, just sayin'. Not trying to beat a dead horse here. We have house ruled in the 1 auto fail, but then we don't mind if it extends a game a little bit.
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