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  1. Hello all, I saw prototypes of CAV bones, any word on how they will be arriving (straight or kickstarter? and price) I thought perhaps this list will have more info.
  2. NickT

    Starter Box idea

    Faction Specific Box sets? (Since CAV:SO isn't restructuring the factions/units too much that I have seen) Back when CAV2 was still the focus, I was tryign to get single unit starter sets resold: a Spider, a data card, and a d10. Figured at 5 bucks it was great starter. Heck throw in a fabric ruler, a second mini (or now that bones multiples) and set of the CAV2 quick play rules, maybe printed terrain tiles and market it as boardgame with collectable expansion sets...
  3. Guys, At this point, all I think most folks want are the Joys of Plastic Cavs. I understand how important scale is , but there comes a point where we are talking about agame with glorious german tank loving space vampires in giant stompy robots. A nice reasonable price point, (2-3 bucks) Plastic Cavs in assorted units ( <3 more bishops) and folks will go BALLISTIC to buy them. I know I will be GLEEFULLY fielding rediculous quantities of units for CAV 2 (likely on either Heroscape terrain, or the awesome stuff Phantom Fox terrain put out!) Sell them as single or even as faction specific starter sets... Kickstart 'em or sling them straight, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get them on the market!!!!
  4. Years ago, when I was very young man, I was quite poor. My D&D/DM career began at 8 when I found a copy of the dungeon master's rulebook from one of the redboxes on the side of the road.(I still run basic d&D out that) I would go down to the local comic /game shop. I rarely could afford comics but I could snag a copy of casketworks... I fell in love with art in margins(a major factor of why I am a freelance artist now), the amazing minis and CAV. My first mini was Elladan, Elf. To this day he is my fav PC..
  6. I love the floor tile Idea Crunch.
  7. Here's to a new year! Stompy robot joy for all.
  8. Hey, I just wanted to start a thread to try to bring links / advice /suggestions for making n-scale terrain. Have fun, I'll post what I snag.
  9. I run a Basic D&D Modern/Zombie Campaign (Think Dresden files/The Laundry Files + Resident Evil where THAC0 is still optional) and the not-classic-d&d beaties in modern attire is a major win. Also.. -More Larger figures The idea fo giant in Samuri holding a period JApanese cannon as a hand gun. _Love much to Rasputin -A dual shotgun wielding russian man (Have nice day) -loads of tentacle variants; coming out of sewer grates, trash cans, as arm sprues.. whatever... -Expand the CAV inspired; line include Ritterlich females ala http://nickt.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=48#/d2ebzfv - I'd love to do a CAV heroic fantasy scale game) -"bugs' not-starship troops at all - Scottish Plesiosaur -a 'tampering with Sasquach' / "destination: Fact" line of of modern crypids and the folks who pursue them -"Kung fu playa" a 70/80's era martial artist with large hair _Space Cowboys (tho of topic would make great mouslings) -Chained sewer croc (Urban legends) -Hook man -Dog-headed woman _A Whole line of not-babylon 5, At Least an 'enviromental suited ambassador"
  10. NickT

    ArctiCon 2013

    1) Fixed the link. 2)Valparaiso, Indiana at the National Guard Armory. Info on fixed site.
  11. NickT

    ArctiCon 2013

    Thanks, I edited the origional link.
  12. NickT

    ArctiCon 2013

    As there has been some technical difficulties I wanted to post about Arcticon 2013, which is scheduled to have a CAV 2.0 demo, as well as a major reaper supported paint and take. Info at www.arcticon.webs.com
  13. While I admit to prefering CAV 2.0, the only way to enure the continuation of a setting I love is for people who had concerns about C:SO to be willing try the new variants and see if it seems doable provide ground-up perspective. I have been a fan of CAV for pretty much as long as it's been in play. My poor timing has been remarkable (being the application to join Black lightning hit as they were disbanded), I play regularly with Mercoutlaw as I have for years. I admit to not liking the initial C:SO variants, and was shocked when I saw which units were removed, but as the threads on this topic went away it becomes very clear if the game matters the only way is to playtest and send your obsevations direct to the redesign process. I would like to contacted for playtest. I do humbly suggest that whatever happens the idea should be to steamline as much as possible for quick play, easy to learn rules. The best difference I have found between CBT and CAV is ease of play, quick turns and a realistic flow of combat (defensive fire and the truly unique indirect fire rules combined with a true emphasis in MIXED force composition) I hope what ever happens with the redesign the best spirit of previousl CAV editions is allowed to show through.
  14. I have always loved the artwork that runs with the minis in Casketworks, the design sketches and the like, does anyone know where I can find the artist's link /gallery?
  15. Hey I was contemplating a couple scenarios including a 'guard the munitions factory' pitting an invading force against one assigned to protect a facility. Victory conditions being either the destruction of all invaders or the destruction of the guarded buildings. (with at least on building having a large quantity of explosives so when it goes it takes an AOE effect attack on all model within a specific blast radius.) But I have no data cards to work with for buildings. Any thoughts? Also, in a similar vein, were there ever any data cards for civilian vehicles? Because a 'defend the city' scenario would be kind of cool, one where players either tried to maximize or minimize the damage to the civilian populations. Any thoughts?
  16. Add some disks along the narrow section, some wire/pipes from the bottom, run it at 45 degrees from the base you attach it to and make a tesla cannon! a nice dull gunmetal with metallic copper highlights, it could really be groovy.
  17. I Have been running an HP laserjet 1020 for many years now, it is a reasonable, business grade printer that runs forever on one toner cartridge. it has two try (I don't know about selectivity, but i had to print numerous textbooks for myself and wife, and an avid DM abd CAV player (aka here, here'sCAVr 2 rules and data cards, you are welcome) SO I'd chek the HP site and see what they have now.
  18. When I was 12 years old... Walking home from the bus stop I found alongside the road the 1991 edition of Basic D&D... 66 pages, counting the covers, that changed my life forever. To put it mildly I was in love, and honestly to this day, well over 20 years later, I still run games out of that book. A few years later, a full fledged DM I went hunting minis. Now At the time I had an HO train set and frequented a little hobby shop called 'b&a hobbies' in Downtown michigan city. No mind you I was very poor and something of a geek so I left noseprints on every case in the joint. In the back right by the register was the magazine rack when where dragon magazine lived, something I could not afford til they hit the'old' pile for 50 cents... one day next to it was. this odd cataloge with a picture of a succubus on it... And it was free(!) So of home I went, as per my little ritual to wait til bed to crak that bad boy open... It was incredible, the art was lightyears beyond anything I'd seen, and the minis whole storie wrote themselves in my head as I dug through. I bought my first mini that week, painting it with, I cringe now, testors model paint...and sharpie markers. A the same time I was exposed to CAV...and though it took me moving out on my own and starting a life to finally get to, I got. My first cav was a Bishop, and by then I had some concept how to paint, thanks to my buddy merc who got me started on CBT, in return I hooked him on CAV. I still think he owes me :). So My minis come from Reaper and someday I hope to make ReaperCon, but that will have to wait, which is okay..I'm patient.
  19. wait a second, you actually worked for the Oriental Trading Company?!? The primere random novelty dealer know to man? If you hadn't been already you are now my hero!
  20. Merry Christmas from the Doombunny Militia!
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