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  1. I think Blokus works fine as a two-player game, and is also fun as a 4 player game. Also Settlers the card game is fun IMO, although my SO does not agree with me on that one. And then there's Set, which is basically a pattern recognition card game, which I think is a lot of fun.
  2. Well, that's good news :-) Since I'm not American there's almost no chance that I die from heart attack no matter what I eat
  3. Happy Birthday Love Hope you're having a great day, and that you'll get to play your new Wii sometime today
  4. No, the real question is how much money would you accept to have a tail grafted to your butt? Thus a true Libertarian is determined... Damon. See, I don't think I'm a libertarian (I'm not really sure about the american definitions), but getting a tail? Wouldn't take a lot of money to talk me into that one! Only I wouldn't want a two inch one, I would like a decent sized cats tail with full motor control. I can not see any way that wouldn't be cool
  5. I think you should spend this day getting just one non-scientist to understand that we say 'theory' because in nautural science, scientifically proving something to the point were we can claim it to be 'the TRUTH' is more often than not impossible. It doesn't make the theory any less correct!
  6. My best was 3.47, my worst 4.00. And I'm SOO much better at getting angles right than finding midpoints
  7. Yeah, dried out marzipan sucks! I feel sorry for ze americans now! Maybe I should go down and buy a bunch of "marzinpan bread" and ship over...
  8. Marzipan just might be the best thing about Christmas I'm tempted to believe that marzipan is different on the other side of the pond, since noone in their right mind could possibly have anything bad to say about our mazipan - and if they did they'd KNOW that they were the minority. Always
  9. I do find it curious that over here (Denmark) there's no focus on nut allergies, and I only know one person - my sister - who's allergic to nuts, and for her it is very far from a 'deadly allergy'. She experiences discomfort and need to take a pill if she accidentally eats small amounts of nuts (don't know what lager amounts would do though). And I haver *never* heard of airborne food allergies before. I wonder if this means that (our part) of Europe has not been hit by hysteria yet, or if there's something in our different lifestyles that makes Americans much more prone to deadly food allergies. Either way, I find it to be an extreme overreaction to evacuate a bus because of a peanut on the floor!
  10. Best wishes to Jen and hopes for a speedy recovery
  11. Surprisingly I'm a 1 too, even though I'm a rare visitor in here. But I'm always happy to be number one
  12. OMG!!! If my girls ever act like that over a frelling TV-show I do believe I'll laugh so hard that it might do permanent damage (or perhaps the girls will be the ones doing the permanent damage )
  13. Well, I'm in that minority as well. I would be perfectly happy with a vacuum cleaner, food processor, power tool or a membership for the local gym, but I would be rather disappointed if I got perfume or diamonds :-) I have issues with perfume and I think diamonds are ridiculously expensive and not very pretty. As to the worst gift ever, it was a digital camara. Again that doesn't sound too bad at first, but the thing was that my husband and I had put a specific one on our wedding present wish list, and our old room mate gave os a cheap one that took horrible pictures - and then I felt that we couldn't get a new one because that might make him feel bad, and I felt guilty about not liking the present because I know that he had spent what to him was a lot of money on it. So I was actually very relieved when the thing broke a year later. But in general I'm easy to give gifts to, because I always appreciate the thought in the gift, even if the gift itself is not something I particularly want. The last thing I want to do is to be like my father who criticized every gift he ever got to the point where he ruined christmas for everyone. I remember at least one christmas where he made me cry because he kept pointing out what a useless gift I had gotten him! Weird thing was that he himself always got very sad and disappointed when his mother did that same thing to him, which she did everytime he got her anything. But I think this is why I had such a hard time with the camera, bacause I never want anybody to feel the way my dad made me feel when they give me something!
  14. Hehe! I would have loved to come up with a comment like that in your situation. And then saying it in that dry, emotionless fashion I hear in my head now, not being angy or shouting or anything. Just like "excuse me ma'm, I think you've double parked your broomstick. Why don't you go and take care of that". Usually in those situations I just get so baffled I get speechless, and then later on I'm pissed at myself for not saying anything. Even though people like that are beyond pedagogical reach and it wont have any effect on them, I still feel better if I let them know that I will NOT be treated that way.
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