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  1. A few of the little tweaks will be quite interesting.
  2. You should look at it as your movement cost is doubled. 1" of movement through the terrain counts as 2" of movement for the vehicle.
  3. From what I understand you can proxy any model except a "Warlord" in an "official" tournament. Reaper-con is, to my knowledge, the only official tournament out there. So, with the exception of Reaper-con, you can proxy any Reaper model for any other Reaper model.
  4. Because if you post just the right comment on this board and it gets rolling things can actually try to happen. That is just rumor anyway.
  5. Also with the "War for Sale" book that you can get from from Mil-net, it allows you to add the occasional faction specific or unique CAV to your force.
  6. Independents allow a bit of flexability with that additional one "2" being a crit every round. It's sweet!
  7. Being one of Chrome's play testers and only living a few miles from him, I can attest that the man is working his tail off in his RL job. And since the majority of CAV work is being done by non-employees. RL takes priority.
  8. While I am able to paint very well and don't require a painting guide, don't discount them. They make for a more attractive book which, in all reality, really helps to sell the book to the new and non-commited.
  9. This is what I have been using for a Reptus army (since they are aquatic and all) but I will probably shortly be using them as part of a Darkspawn army. The unpainted monster is the Slithe queen with the weapon hands removed and a Darkspawn models claws added. The head is the aquatic familiar octopus with about 2 hours of dremel work to remove the rock that it was sitting on. And the display piece for the table made by Mark. The guy who is in process of making the really "big"tater
  10. The one thing about CAV 1 ranges is that your 36" shot dropped like a rock at the end of 36". There were no additional range bands. And I saw more than one instance of people who were good at range guessing dance around that 4-6" difference in weapon ranges to ignore defensive fire. One possible solution to this debate would be to increase the penalty for range bands. I'm not saying that is what I want but it is an option.
  11. The merc armies definitely got a lot more attractive with WFS. While you always find the people who want to play both Emperors and Rhinos backed with electronics, the lists definitely add a lot more color to armies. By the way Jeremy, been wanting to say, love the Machine Girl avatar
  12. If you target a point and not a model, you can't target lock as TL states that you target a model. You only get your TC and FRS.
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