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  1. The website has changed and the Figure Finder and Search seem to be completely broken. I can't find anything anymore. The Search function is especially terrible -- I searched for "giant winged" and the only result I got was "Giant Eagle." I was trying to find one particular model, a very human looking male devil with wings and a sword who is like twice as tall as a human. Can't recall his name, can't find him anywhere on the site. It's very frustrating. Is there any way to go back to the old site?
  2. I'm currently running a Fantasy HERO campaign, Ravagers of Rhûne, and I painted up some models for my players to represent their characters. Lars Ragnarson is Ulfgar Hjalmarson, a warrior from the frozen isle of Jaegerland. His people are the Iceborn, who once terrorized the northern lands under the leadership of their living god, the Frozen Lord. Centuries ago the Frozen Lord was slain by the hero Simon, and the Iceborn were forced into retreat. Now they are divided people, with the Iceborn of the Stormfjords clinging to their ancient bloodthirsty ways, while the Jaegerlanders have
  3. Anyone playing this game? It just came out recently from Osprey, they of the beautifully illustrated guides to historical armies, and is part of a series of new games they are releasing. Frostgrave is similiar to Mordhiem in that you create a warband, level them up through game play, and the whole game is set in a ruined city -- in this case, a city of permanent winter. The big difference is that the leader of your warband is always a wizard, and only your wizard gains levels. They have eight different schools of magic for your wizard, and he begins play with 8 spells, and can have an a
  4. This fellow right here: I swear this is a Reaper miniature, but I can't find him in the catalog. Out of print?
  5. Andrea is a man. He's Italian, and Andrea is the Italian equivalent of Andrew.
  6. You did a great job on the eyes, and I like your Glimmerdusk Ranger a heck of a lot more than mine. I just have to paint Starfire and Rockgut and my SDE collection will be fully painted -- including Van Drak's Manor, Caverns of Roxxor, Vandalla, and the Herald of Vulcanis.
  7. I used OpenOffice Draw to do the layout, and the GIMP for some image manipulation.
  8. That sounds hard to arrange. In a previous campaign, one I might return to, the party traveled through time (into the past) to retrieve a lost key, and the wizard who helped them do it ended up getting dragged off to "somewhere beyond time" by the Time Lords to serve out his punishment. The players were really quick to sell him out and let him take all the blame, and I always thought it would be fun to bring that wizard back seeking revenge. And, of course, his allies would be selected from throughout time. Dinosaurs, cowboys, Space Marines, whatever.
  9. ...don't you think Michael Stipe has better things to do than put your toys together for you? I mean, I know they broke up, but I don't think they've fallen that far.
  10. That's the only reason I didn't buy it. Well, that, and the whole I can't afford to be spending a thousand dollars on a flag because I'm not a millionaire thing.
  11. I have no use for a naked succubus on a motorcycle in my campaign, but now that I have UL Sophie, I have reason to find a way to work one into my game. It's going to be harder justifying the Nova Corps soldiers, but that's why they invented Time Travel.
  12. I had to look that up. That's the politest way of saying "slathered in paint" I've ever seen.
  13. I think this was actually the tenth or even twentieth miniature I painted. It's hard to say, because I lost all my miniatures in 1995, except this guy who I found in a totally random box sometime around 2004 while I was helping my mom organize her closets. I know my first miniatures were the Ral Partha ElfQuest minis (I had the Wolfriders set and the MadCoil set), but I think a box of Space Marines was my second purchase, and this guy came from that. His bolters were cannibalized for other projects. Wow. Is that phenomenally bad or what? In my defense I was 11 years old, I was us
  14. I just wish he'd taken my suggestion to offer a larger size as a stretch goal. I'd be happier if it was in the 36"x24" range, but it will still be a welcome addition to my gaming room.
  15. My pledge is pretty complicated. Vampire Level Cases (2) Nethyrmaul Undead Paint Set Marine Paint Set Forces of Nature Demons Hydra Steampunk Dragon Cthulu Ebonwraith Fire Giant King & Queen Fire Giant Warriors (2) Frost Wyrm Jabberwock Kaladrax Reborn Mythos Monsters Pathfinder Dragon Spider Centaurs Undead Giant Vermin (2) We Be Goblins Deep Dwellers Fire It Up! (2) Urban Legends Sophie Upgrade
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