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  1. Hello guys, My girlfriend and I have gotten into miniature painting about two months ago. We've purchased around 25 bottles of Citadel paint and about 50 Reapr pewter miniatures so far. We are wondering though if Citadel paint is the best out there for painting miniatures. Price really isn't too big of a deal to us. We just want really good quality and to become use to whatever colors we end up getting. I noticed that Reaper's Master Paint series has more colors that Citadel's and I like the dropper bottle more. Can you guys tell me about what kind of paint you use and why? Also, do some of you use more than one brand to broaden your colors? Thanks, Will
  2. Something people also should keep in mind is White Balance. If the white balance is off, the color will not be accurate. I personally never use auto white balance unless I'm in a hurry, even then I shoot in raw so I can fix it later. There are two gadgets you can buy to get good, accurate white balance. The WhiBal (best used when taking pictures in raw and in all the same type light) and then there's the ExpoDisc (for when you're shooting in jpeg and/or mixed lighting). I use both interchangeably, it depends on what the situation is. Here's the links. WhiBal - http://www.whibal.com/products/whibal/index.html ExpoDisc - http://www.expodisc.com/products/products....tegory=ExpoDisc Hopes this helps, Will
  3. This may be more than people want to pay, but I suggest the Nikon D60 and a Nikkor 105mm 2.8G Micro lense. For lighting and background purposes, this kit seems alright though I've seen better ones in Popular Photography Magazine. http://store.tabletopstudio-store.com/miphkit.html ~Will
  4. I decided to remove the paint from two of my pewter miniatures because they were painted so badly. Most people rave about Simple Green, so I got a bottle. I enough liquid to cover the minis in a glass cup and I ended up leaving town. I brushed off the paint 5 days later. The paint and primer came off great, BUT the metal is not as shiny and it's much darker. Is that normal? Did I leave it in the solution too long? And did I damage the pewter? Will
  5. Eastman, Thank you so much! That is exactly the look I want to achieve. Do you think this stuff can be taken off easily if I decide to later paint them? ~Will
  6. A long time ago a friend of mine had miniatures that weren't painted but there was some kind of enamel or blackish substance that looked like was rubbed in to add 3 dimensionality and also make it look older. Does anyone know about this process and be able to tell me how to do it? I was thinking of doing this to my miniatures that I own but haven't painted yet. And then when I can get around to them, I can clean them up, spray the base, and etc. Help would be great. =) Thanks, Will
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