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  1. Fit for purpose and quick to do (relatively). Looks great.
  2. Awesome paint job. (not a guy you want to mess with down the bowling alley )
  3. Fantastic work. Love the detailing.
  4. 1:32 LandRover Grand cost of £4.99 and lots of bits from my junk box.
  5. Great work. Good shading, especially on the light skirt colour.
  6. She's certainly got some personality. Great work.
  7. You know those foil trays you get from a takeaway? They make a great raw material for corrugating. I also used corrugated cardboard as well which I "borrowed" from the wife's paper-crafting stash.
  8. The combination is perfect. Can see it now..still brilliant.
  9. Nicely done. Great shading.
  10. Never did get round to finishing his base. Was needed for a campaign.
  11. Cutastic! Amazing painting on figures and the scenery. Wonderfully imaginative.
  12. Fantastic pose of the figure. Done a brilliant job of bringing out the character of the figure. Excellent paint work.
  13. The sort of fellow you either kill at long range or bolt the doors Scary dude. Great paint job, really got the feel of a crazed fighter.
  14. Gross looking creature, absolutely brilliant.
  15. Nice clean work on a small figure, well done.
  16. They would definitely cut you down to size. Good work on such titchy figures. I would need a magnifying glass to work on them. (I have to use jewellers loupes these days).
  17. Absolutely gorgeous. Colours, detail, blending. You give us inspiration.
  18. Some of the early Citadel stuff was really cool. Spooky child.
  19. Fantastic. Like I don't have enough projects tempting my time away. Will just have to stick with my Fallout RPG setting. Great work and lets see some more.
  20. Looks great. Love the hair and armour/cloak. And you only had one eye to do (I would like more one-eyed figures, you can't make them cross-eyed).
  21. Stunning diorama, now tell those two to put their swords up and take a dip in the inviting water to cool down. They're just too intense. Great work on all aspects.
  22. Run, just run and don't look back! Awesome. Would never have thought of using such a bright colour. It looks fantastic.
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