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  1. sentinel

    Recast a Movie with Muppets, Leaving One Human

    Judge Dredd. Keeping Judge Dredd. Man, stuffing EVERYWHERE!
  2. sentinel

    Sea Dragon Bust (hand sculpted )

    I really like this! The symmetry looks great. The shark in the mouth helps give it a sense of proportion, and she is monstrous! The paint is neat, and the stripes are a cool touch. Nicely done
  3. Since most of us are our own harshest critics, it is always nice to see that we have made progress. Fun post. Nicely done.
  4. sentinel

    Ral Partha Female Magic User with Staff by Julie Guthrie

    Such clean lines, and I like the shading/highlighting all around. I especially like the red. Wonderful job on the face, as well. You weren't kidding that she's small! Nicely done
  5. sentinel

    Garghuk - 44006

    I love this! Nothing I do not like about this mini. The skin tone is great, the tattoos are very cool, the leather and fur are both outstanding, and even the teeth deserve a mention. Well executed and nicely done!
  6. sentinel

    The warm-up

    Neat conversion. Nicely done!
  7. That is a cool conversion, and natural looking. I really like that hammer. Nicely done!
  8. sentinel

    Demon from Bones 4

    Congrats on meeting your challenge. Always good to meet a goal. I think this dude looks demon-y enough. I am really drawn to the grinning/laughing face. And, I really like the lava base. Nicely done!
  9. sentinel

    Bones 4 Troglodytes

    I really like the blue. You're right, the eyes do look a bit crazy, adding a bit more character. Nicely done! What color did you use for the bone weapon handles? I really like how that looks.
  10. This could be part of a theme park board for Kill Team. That's what I first thought of when I saw it.
  11. sentinel

    How do you paint the transparent pieces

    I painted a couple where I wanted to keep some of the transparency, and just used a matte varnish as my "primer." That way, I could paint where I wanted, and keep some see through stuff. I am guessing that if you want to cover all of it, that your usual primer would work. I am sure others will chime in with different ideas!
  12. sentinel

    Homemade oozes

    Yeah, those are cool! They remind me of the water tentacle(s) from the movie The Abyss. Nicely done.
  13. sentinel

    A selection of CAVs

    I like the bright colors you used on most of them. Nicely done.
  14. sentinel

    startrek RPG!

    Victory Force miniatures, maybe. I am not sure if that will work. And, Arkady beat me to it!
  15. sentinel

    02478 Gregor the wizard's sister

    Oh, yeah! That works just fine as a female. You're right, the old beard is not out of place on this one. Nicely done.