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  1. I like the bright, bold, colors and think they work great! Your backdrop fits the mini well also. Nicely done!
  2. I agree with all of the above. My favorite parts are the glowy eyes. Those look really cool! Nicely done all around.
  3. About the sword. To me, the edges are darker than the middle, and it just doesn't sit right with me. Is that what could be bugging you?
  4. I agree with Grand Slam, but wanted to add I really like the cuffs and hood trim. It breaks up all that red, which looks very good, a bit. Nicely done.
  5. That is fantastic! I like how you also added the depth. Nicely done!
  6. That tower is amazing! The weathering is fantastic, and along with the coloring really does a good job at showing age. You did a great job with your WIP, also. Nicely done!
  7. I'm glad you showed the scale. I had no idea how big that was. Nicely done!
  8. I like everything about this guy. They stripey shirt is very cool! The bright colors of britches and shirt are great. The gem is well done. The goatee and eyebrows are believable. All around, nicely done!
  9. The lettering looks very good also. Did you freehand that?
  10. I like everything about this one! The shield and helmet look really well done, to me. And then the reflected light on his left shoulder of his cloak is something else. I admit, it took me a second to figure out the different coloring there. The freehand at the bottom of the cloak is cool. The cloak left shoulder is my favorite part, because it hit me like a magic trick. Ah-ha! Nicely done.
  11. I like this little dude. The scale coloring, the bones/horns, and the eyes really stand out to me. The different colors of the treasure on the base are cool, too. Nicely done.
  12. That conversion is seamless! I like the highlight work, especially on the sword and hair. Nicely done.
  13. The first standout to me was the cloak. Man, all the designs with all of the folds looks to like it continued correctly. Looks really difficult. The hair and brown fur being similar colors, but different, are really well done. The wood on the inside of the shield grabbed my attention also. The whole thing is pretty darn cool. Nicely done!
  14. Really good job on all the blacks. Nothing too shiny, either. A real hunter, doing his job, not some weekend witch hunter wannabee. Great job on the face, too. My favorite of the ones you posted so far. Nicely done! And welcome to these forums.
  15. I had to do a double take on that Mandalorian one. For just a second, real quick, it looked like he was vacuuming, dragging the vacuum behind him. Those are pretty neat.
  16. Yeah, you SHOULD be pleased with how this turned out. I like everything about it. The bone and skin coloring are both great. The stonework looks real, with different wear, adding some real depth. Your time and effort really paid off. Nicely done!
  17. Jeeminy, almost like a Shakespeare play. Everyone dies! Another good write up.
  18. I really like your color choices. The armor is my absolute favorite about this, with the back of the cloak a close second. I'll bet that took some patience! Nicely done.
  19. A pretty neat team! Beverly is a good looking car, and I like the glowing flames. Your ghost cars really steal the show, for me. The mist, smoke, or fog is a cool idea, and well executed, with cars 3 and 4 my favorites. Nicely done.
  20. Man, you write up some neat battle reports, all over the spectrum.
  21. I think all of these look really cool. You did a good job on all of them, and I like the eyes. They all look recessed, and kind of difficult to get to. Good job. That top bugbear is my favorite though. I really like the highlighted black. Nicely done.
  22. Good looking mini. The eyes and hair are my favorites, really well done. The wings also look good. Nicely done.
  23. I really like these. They look properly aged, and the mix, or non-uniform look to them makes it look "right." The shield work on those bare naked skeletons is really cool. Nicely done.
  24. I really like this! The things that jumped out at me were the skin tones and the antlers as being just great. The face paint and the eyes are outstanding as well. Just nicely done all around. Congratulations on finishing the Masters
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