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  1. My Kickstarter list is like a revolving door at the moment. I’m a sucker for the $1 PWYW STLs that get you a cool building or two for $1. They’re quick to fulfill, but tend to lead to me backing more of them!
  2. I only got in for the 24 hour early bird, but I'm sure I'll well and truly get value for my pledge on this one.
  3. Mini Monster Mayhem had a 2 for 1 deal this month. If you sign up before the end of May you can get a previously released set as well for free.
  4. I need to figure out how I'm going to print these things. I've only got a Mars 3 printer, so I either won't be able to print the bigger stuff, or I'll need to cut them into many different sections.
  5. This one finished up as a big success. Hit 20 stretch goals and will be a lot of STL goodies for the price.
  6. A lot of resin printers have a clean tank function to remove any bits of hardened resin stuck to the FEP. You do it with resin in the tank.
  7. Yeah, I don't get it. Surely dragons just sell. I'd buy more, even though I have a heap.
  8. It didn’t look similar to it. It looked like the sculptor had attempted to make a direct copy of it.
  9. Unfortunately I think you’ve got the same problem I have. People that have backed several Bones Kickstarters and have the main “stock” monsters just aren’t the main target audience any more. It sucks as I want to give Reaper my money, but clearly selling stock monsters to people new to minis is what helps Reaper pay the bills.
  10. Wow, 2lt for one mini! That thing is even bigger than I thought!
  11. Thinking about this one, but will probably won't back as it's a little on the more expensive side for what you get.
  12. Loots Studios looks really good this month, but I'm a bit of sucker for both elementals and portals. I have the $3.50 Early Bird price for GameScape3D as well. It's ridiculously good value at that price.
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