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  1. Thanks, and I appreciate that shipping costs are all over the place at the moment, but that doesn’t really help. Basically Kobold Press will do their best to keep shipping costs as low as possible, but you still have no idea what they will actually be. I completely understand in the given situation, but that means it could cost $20 to ship to Australia or $120 and I won’t know until I’m already locked in. So I’m going to have to give this one a miss, rather than get a rude shock come shipping time.
  2. What are the rough shipping costs to Australia for the book?
  3. What did they do in their holiday sale?
  4. I’m in Australia, so it basically converts across exactly.
  5. Looks really nice, but the price point is higher than I’d be willing to pay.
  6. Yep, that’s exactly what I did. I’ll pick my final pledge, if any, in the pledge manager.
  7. It wasn’t a stretch goal though as there was no dollar total needed to reach to get it. It was a “daily promo”, which is just CMoN’s way of trying to maintain interest in the campaign all the way through. I agree that it is dumb making one of the Teen Titans not part of the initial set, so it’s a bit of a fake daily promo, but CMoN have has core components as stretch goals for most of their Kickstarters, so them doing that with Beast Boy is hardly surprising.
  8. Tempted by this one. My kids love both Scooby Doo and Teen Titans. Still thinking about it.
  9. I’d be especially concerned considering Mierce is run by the same guy that ran Maelstrom Games, which was basically operating a Ponzi scheme just before they closed.
  10. I think Phil said he likes the finite nature of the Kickstarter. So he can run it to a schedule that works for him, whereas Patreon tends to end up with a monthly expectation.
  11. What’s the expected word count / page count on this?
  12. Mine is due to arrive in the middle of next week.
  13. I like this one. Backed.
  14. Pretty, but over-engineered for my liking. It would just clutter up my table and get knocked over.
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