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  1. Thanks, for the extra info. Wasn’t there also an issue with the doors and the rooms not coming with doors and whether the doors are compatible across the different Kickstarters.
  2. All good. I have to say I found this one of the most confusing Kickstarters I’ve backed and I’m well into triple figures in terms of projects backed. I almost didn’t back due to my confusion in the end.
  3. I did the Village pledge for £85, which is the Townsfolk minis + core set + 3 rooms + stretch goals. I'm basically treating the core set and rooms like added bonuses as the minis and extra terrain bits were what I wanted.
  4. I ended up backing for the Townsfolk pledge level. Between the townsfolk minis and the stretch goals I ended up getting about 160 minis + almost 100 terrain pieces + rooms for a price that was too good to refuse. I'm actually really happy that most of the stretch goal minis and Townsfolk minis are NPC minis. That's the one part in my collection that is really lacking currently.
  5. Interested, but unfortunately this one won’t ship to Australia. :-(
  6. So what do you get for the 85 Euro pledge now with all the extra stuff added in?
  7. I mean, technically you did pay for the stretch goals. They’re factored into the cost.
  8. Glad to hear it. People with data that isn’t backed up make me nervous! :-D
  9. I’m assuming you’re backing your data up somewhere else and following the 3-2-1 data backup strategy? I haven’t had a drive fail on me yet, but it’s only a matter of time, so I back everything up to my NAS, with another copy kept on a HDD at my in-laws plus a copy of all our personal photos and video backed up to OneDrive. I've read too many horror stories of people losing all their digital data and personal photos and video due to their only hard drive corrupting.
  10. Having read the Kickstarter, I’m still not sure what the product is. It seems like a cross between art books just to look at and painting guide books. But I’m still not completely sure.
  11. I finally got to check a big Kickstarter off my list, The Mimic's Grid: The Adaptable RPG Adventure Tile. I went in for this to the tune of several hundred dollars. It was originally meant to deliver in Oct 2019, but various production and quality control issues pushed delivery into 2020, which meant it ran into a host of COVID-10-related problems. The creators regularly communicated with backers, and some people had received items, which gave me hope it would deliver in the end. However, the longer things went without a concrete timeframe for delivery, the more I was worried it would eventual
  12. As someone who didn’t follow the Dark Souls KS, what was so bad about it?
  13. Clear or not clear, I’m happy I got a Loot Golem. That’s a cool looking mini.
  14. Is that the Maki KS that is about 3 years late in delivering on rewards?
  15. I’ve seen multiple sets delivered (and then some minis painted) here in Australia. The quality for the price point seems great.
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