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  1. Pretty, but over-engineered for my liking. It would just clutter up my table and get knocked over.
  2. I’m just not sure those paints are going to stay in place during transport. There is a bar to stop them from falling out the front when the station is open, but nothing to stop the paints from falling over during transport or coming out the top of where they are stored, especially if the paints section isn’t full. Seems like a basic thing to get right for something designed to be moved around a lot.
  3. Looks like I’ll be giving this one a miss. Ptolus and the Batman Adventure Game both have my interest, which means I don’t have the cash for this one as well.
  4. Makes it pretty easy to meta game that there’s nothing you’re missing when you can see the map has a fixed width.
  5. I’ve not seen this before, but I’m intrigued as to how they’re going to deal with an adventure that doesn’t allow the PCs to rest (as they say the City of Gold is only accessible for 24 hours). Seems like you could end up buying an adventure where most of it doesn’t get used if the PCs get badly hurt after only 1-2 encounters. I get that you can repurpose them for use elsewhere, but I prefer pre-written adventures that I can use as-is where possible.
  6. Got a link to that? I was looking for TMNT City Fall play throughs yesterday. I think fixing the scale issues was a very important fix for IDW. The scale on the first game was horrifically bad, so a second scale fail would have stopped a heap of people from considering buying any game they made in the future. Fortunately they did a good job with it second time around.
  7. Scale on the second TMNT game is much more consistent. I think they learned their lesson there.
  8. Definitely tempted. Got my TMNT box yesterday, so I think I’ll see how that plays first before committing to this (same game system, just with TMNT instead).
  9. Surely people aren’t dumb enough to back another Kickstarter by the same guy. I’m also highly surprised that Kickstarter would allow someone to create a Kickstarter when they haven’t delivered on one from 7 years ago. I expect it will get shut down before it ends.
  10. I backed the Games and Gears Kickstarter knowing that the brushes weren’t likely to live up to their hype. They ended up being as average as I thought they might be, but we’re cheap enough that I was ok with that. I just use them for dry brushing, getting paint out of pots or other “hard” uses.
  11. How many of these art objects will be ones from your existing offerings? I ask as I think I have backed for your art objects in your previous Kickstarter campaigns, so want to make sure I’m not doubling up.
  12. They look really pretty, but readability is my main concern when it comes to dice and most of these fail that test. They are also very expensive. I'm also wary of dice Kickstarters as, in my experience, they don't have the greatest success rate. Out of the couple I have backed, Impact! Miniatures has come through every time (but they always do) and Kraken dice delivered, but the dice I received looked nowhere near the quality of the Kickstarter campaign pictures.
  13. Cheers, I looked through the Campaign page, but didn't think to look in the FAQ for some reason.
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