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  1. I’m a Patreon of the Prey Collection Studio, which does TMNT and other 80’s/90’s cartoons. That led to me backing another Patreon, plus several STL Kickstarters. My friend has printed a few minis off for me, but the rest are just sitting on my computer, biding their time. I think I’ll end up with a printer in the next 1-2 years, depending on how fast the tech keeps advancing and how much prices drop.
  2. I subscribe to 2 STL Patreons and have backed multiple STL Kickstarter, despite not owning a printer yet. 😊🤦‍♂️ My backlog when I eventually get one will be huge!
  3. I will say that I’ve definitely cut back on my spending because of this though. Like you, I’ve switched to digital mainly. In the past year I’ve only bought RPG PDFs. Ptolus 5E was my last physical book. I was very particular in what I got from the Bones 5 Kickstarter and I’ve skipped several other Kickstarter’s that I would have auto-backed 2 years ago. Just waiting for that to all go out the window when I finally buy a 3D printer! 😂
  4. Ah, the lies we tell ourselves! 😂 I’ve probably got more unpainted minis than I could paint in my lifetime. I’d like to think I’ll stop when I think I have enough, but I know I’ll find a new shiny that I “need”. 😊
  5. I guess his fan base is more than enough to carry it.
  6. Nice work! I’m really happy I got the Dark Depths expansion. The Aquatic Beholder is probably worth half the cost of entry by itself, but there are so many cool minis in the box. 39 minis for $50 is ridiculous value.
  7. I think they’re relying on Duncan’s fan base to carry the Kickstarter, the majority of which I expect are novice painters and may not necessarily know much better.
  8. Got my minis last week. Really happy with the casting of the Bones Black material. Definitely a big improvement in crispness compared to Bones White. After seeing some painted mini pics, I’m wishing I got the Golem set. I got a Loot Golem, but I love the Stained Glass Golem and the Stone Golem is bigger than I though it would be. My friend got a Pirate Ship. It definitely looks awesome, but I think I’d struggle to use it enough in my games to justify the cost and it’s that big I’d need to find more room just to store it! :-D
  9. Really sad to hear that. I’ve had many really good dealings with Justin and SWM in the past, including them sponsoring a Blood Bowl tournament I run on multiple occasions.
  10. I have nothing I want for rapid delivery, so I’ll be delaying filling out the pledge manager for a while. They haven’t set a closing date for it, have they?
  11. Yeah, I figured I could just use the acronyms for them on this thread. They, along with BtMoM are probably the 3 classic CoC campaigns.
  12. I thought about it, but I have my 7E set plus HotOE and hope to buy MoN, so this would just be a bit of a vanity purchase.
  13. My friend got some from the first Kickstarter and I was impressed enough with the sculpts and casts to back for both the first and second Kickstarter sets for this campaign, especially at the price they’re charging.
  14. Thanks, for the extra info. Wasn’t there also an issue with the doors and the rooms not coming with doors and whether the doors are compatible across the different Kickstarters.
  15. All good. I have to say I found this one of the most confusing Kickstarters I’ve backed and I’m well into triple figures in terms of projects backed. I almost didn’t back due to my confusion in the end.
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