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  1. Yeah, I feel you with all of that. I’m similar. I’m not terrible with tech, but changing the LCD screen would intimidate me a little.
  2. I would be very hesitant to give them any money based on the recent previous experiences with that and the Asgard Rising Patreon (which are run by the same person).
  3. Sorry to hear you’re having issues, but it’s (somewhat selfishly) nice to know that others go through similar thoughts and emotions with these things.
  4. I’ve got the “walls of X” on my list, but not flight stands. That’s a good one. Any recommendations of good ones? I definitely have periods where I’m printing lots for a week or two, then not at all for several months. I definitely feel you on losing momentum, then struggling to get motivated again.
  5. It could be intimidation and feeling overwhelmed by something new and unknown. When I got my replacement tank last week, it took me half a day to get it out and run a print, even though I had something I needed to print for a friend and nothing on that day. The previous failures left me feeling unmotivated to want to try it. If they’d never printed before, that fear factor could have stopped them from starting. Then it only gets worse the longer you have it and don’t use it. So you just leave it sitting there, unused.
  6. I’m about to try printing in clear resin, so I’m after ideas of what to print. This is the list I have so far: - Spell effects - LED STLs (STLs designed to work with LEDs in them) - Gelatinous cube - Slimes and oozes - Crystals - Elementals - Portals - Various undead - Will o’ wisp - Invisible stalker - Mephits - Various fire creatures - Crystal golem - Hell hound - Shadow dragon - Nightmare - Frost and fire giants Any obvious I’m overlooking?
  7. No more printing done, but I did get my replacement tank from Elegoo. I spent yesterday playing build plate Jenga and creating 5 build plates worth of STLs to print in clear resin. I’ve got a litre of Siraya Tech Easy Clear and a litre of Siraya Tech Blu Clear to try out. So I’ll print some in the Easy and some in the Blu, just to compare. The Blu is meant to be the toughest resin Siraya Tech makes. I just need to swap out the dirty isopropyl from my wash station with some fresh stuff and I’ll be good to go.
  8. I drop in and out of them. I came back for Goblins and Kobolds, but I'll likely drop out again for the Tabaxi as I don't have as much use for them.
  9. Yeah, I relevelled it when I got the replacement tank, so I don’t think that is the issue. Hopefully it was just a couple of one offs. If it persists I may relevel the plate again.
  10. Another print another single STL out of 29 STLs failed for no apparent reason. Failed on the first few layers in the corner of the build plate. It was a presupported file, but was almost identical to 4 other STLs I printed right next to it. So no idea why it failed. Annoying to have to keep doing tank cleans, but at least most stuff is printing.
  11. The extra tank arrived yesterday. Glad I got it as it may take a few weeks before I get a replacement from Elegoo. I relevelled my plate and printed late yesterday, but had 1/3 of the build plate fail. I think that may have been due to the error on my part. Fortunately the FEP was not damaged. I did a tank clean and printed another build plate overnight. This was the end result. Very close, but not quite 100% success. There is a gap on the bottom left of the plate where one crystal didn’t print for unknown reasons. Hopefully this is the end of my cursed run.
  12. I think you’re thinking of build plate levelling, not FEP changeover.
  13. Looks like Elegoo will be sending me a replacement vat. I had to send them a video of the problem to prove what the issue was, but they confirmed that there is an issue with my tank frame. At least the extra tank I ordered from Amazon will be here tomorrow so I can get printing again while I wait for the replacement.
  14. Whatever the reasons are doesn’t matter. It doesn’t take a tech person to post a quick update, even just in the comments section. The reality is they have a 1/4 million dollar Kickstarter that they haven’t provided an update on in over a month and haven’t done many of the things they promised to do in that last update (including things they promised over 3 months ago). That’s just bad business and causes people to lose trust in your company. Once trust with your customers is broken, it’s much harder to regain it.
  15. Broken Anvil really are leaving money on the table with this. How hard can it be to add STL options on BackerKit? People want to buy them, but can’t because they’re not an option, despite promising during the Kickstarter campaign and the last update (a month ago) that they would be. Really disappointed by how badly this campaign has been handled from a communication perspective.
  16. Well this sucks. 3 of the little screws on my FEP frame won’t tighten, no matter what. They just spin in place. I googled and others have had a similar issue, so I think I got a dud tank frame. I’ve contacted Elegoo support about it. They’ll probably send me a replacement tank, but who knows how long that will take to resolve. Angry ordered another tank from Amazon in the meantime which will arrive Saturday. I figure the extra tank will be useful for times when I want to use clear resin for a single build plate print, but don’t want to swap out the resin. Just use one tank for clear resin and the other one for non-clear resin.
  17. I just use 2 pieces of printer to level my bed.
  18. Not sure I'll back this one as it's more miniature-focused. It will come down to how good the value proposition is.
  19. For clear resin I’ve got a tonne of spell effects, oozes and elementals I want to print. Just Google pics of the prepainted D&D minis for inspiration of what would work well in clear resin.
  20. I have a spare FEP to swap over with the broken one, but I decided to order a Siraya Tech NFEP to try out as I’ve heard good things about that material. Amazon being able to deliver it in 2 days tipped me over the edge.
  21. Saturn 2 owners, what did you use as a spacer when changing your FEP? My original FEP got a hole last night, so I need to swap mine over.
  22. Well, in an annoying turn of events, I just printed a build plate of minis that failed for one reason or another. Not only did this entire print bed fail (except for the arm piece of one mini), I also got a very small hole in the corner of my FEP. Thankfully no resin leaked onto my print screen, but I do need to replace the FEP. Hopefully the change doesn't cause as many problems for me as the FEP change on my Mars 3 did.
  23. Added some totally not LotR characters, a couple of Paizo-style goblins, a BB Skeleton, a Leo TMNT mini and a WoW-esque Gnome. Bit random, but it got the plate filled.
  24. Now my problem is I have half an empty build plate (as half my prints failed on the first build plate) and can’t decide what to put on it. Damn analysis paralysis. It’s so stupid. I have literally thousands of STLs and no obvious ideas. Just wandering through my files on my PC trying to get some inspiration.
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