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  1. I backed the Star Realms Deluxe Kickstarter. That was meant to deliver in November 2020. However, it has been very clear that they're taking their time to ensure that the product meets the deluxe vision they had for the product, which has meant several things have needed to go back and forth through several iterations with the manufacturer to get them right. I'm disappointed the product will be 18 months late, but the creators have been very transparent about everything and have shown us backers exactly what was wrong, how it was wrong and how it would be fixed. As a result, I've never felt like they were stalling or worried that they wouldn't deliver and would prefer they keep working through everything to deliver the best product possible.
  2. It’s nice when you get to that point. I have most of my options covered with WotC prepainted D&D minis, but there’s still a few holes that need patching.
  3. Not sure how much I’ll go in for, if any, this time around. I’ve got tonnes of Bones 1-5 minis to paint and also now have a 3D printer to print my own minis. I guess I’ll wait and see if anything wows me.
  4. I’m at least going to try! I’ve set out a schedule of minis to paint and should be able to get through several minis a week as part of my plan is painting 1 mini per week in under 2 hours to trying to be ok with not every single paint job being perfect. However, you know what they say about plans!
  5. I’ve made myself a rule for this year to not print more minis than I paint. Given that I just got my first ever 3D printer, I’m going to need to paint quite a bit just so I can use my new shiny!
  6. A wash and cure station is great. Makes clean up a breeze and it’s awesome to have washed and fully cured minis 30 mins after printing them. Still seems to take a while for the resin smell to leave the minis though.
  7. Yep, for all but one of my failures, I was able to very quickly see why something had failed. Things like learning the best orientation for STLs on the build plate, adding supports, hollowing out minis, adding drain holes, finding and correcting islands, print settings, etc, will take time, but there are a heap of tutorials and videos out there to assist. It took me pretty much an entire day of sitting at the computer, watching videos, reading websites and playing around in Chitubox to learn some of those things, but I don’t feel overawed by any of those things now and that’s after having my printer for only a few weeks.
  8. I had one piece fail on me for reasons unknown, but the other minor print issues I’ve had have been all of my own doing. Granted I haven’t printed a heap yet, but I’ve been fairly impressed at how well my printer has worked so far.
  9. My painting-related goals for this year are: Paint at least 2 minis per week One of the 2 minis per week to be painted in under 2 hours Paint 3 Blood Bowl teams Not 3D print more minis than I paint Organise 3 hobby get-togethers with friends Part of what is holding me back from painting is that when I paint I try and get every mini to be "perfect". The result of that is I end up spending more time reading about painting techniques and watching painting videos, to try and find the "perfect" way of painting instead of just painting and improving through experience. So I think by forcing myself to paint 1 mini a week quickly (for me at least), it will help me log more hours with a brush in hand. It also aligns with my overarching goal for my life of "Progress, not perfection."
  10. I thought as much, but wanted to check. I’ve left them a week to gas out fully after curing in a cure station, so they should be good to go.
  11. About to start painting my first few prints. Do I need to wash them in soapy water first? Or is the fact that I washed them in isopropyl alcohol before curing them enough?
  12. Likewise, I’ve learned a heap of stuff about Chitubox as a result of having a 3D printer. I’m not sure I’ll ever do 3D sculpting of my own, but if I do I’ve learned a lot of things that will help me with it.
  13. It’s ok, we’ll just sell them another rule book to fix the issues.
  14. So many exceptions and one-off rules. It’s like they prefer random rules to a consistent and balanced rule set.
  15. I'm going away camping for a week, so thought I should empty out and clean my resin tank before I go. Made another rookie mistake. I filtered out the leftover resin back into the bottle and then used the clean tank function on my Mars 3. Except, as I'd emptied out the resin, there wasn't a complete layer of resin left on the bottom of the tank. It was spotty in some bits. That meant that, while most of the resin cured in one whole sheet, there were a few bits that weren't connected and stuck to the FEP. So I inadvertently caused some resin to become stuck to the sheet. Plus, even after doing the clean tank function, there is still uncured resin left around the outside of the tank anyway as the tank is about half a cm larger all the way around the LED screen. So even if it would have cured the resin in one big sheet, I would have still been left with uncured resin in the tank anyway. Plus I was then left with a big sheet of half cured resin that I had to then cure for 20+ minutes in my cure station. I also possibly slightly scratched the FEP getting some of the stuck resin off the FEP (not sure, it's hard to tell). Oh well, lesson learned for next time. Don't use the clean tank function unless you can see there is definitely cured resin stuck to the FEP and do it with a reasonable amount of resin still in the tank. Otherwise just pour the resin out and wipe up any bits leftover with a non-abrasive cloth.
  16. I’ve been curing my minis for 3-3.5 minutes in my Mercury Cure Station (and 5 minutes for a TMNT bust and a Beholder dice head mini as they were a bit chunkier. After that time the minis aren’t at all sticky to touch, but they still have that smelly resin smell. That has faded a bit, but you can definitely still smell it after 3 days if you give the minis a close up sniff. Is that normal, or does that mean they are still undercured and I need to cure them for a bit longer? I’m just a little wary of overcuring them and making them too brittle.
  17. Printed a couple of dice holders from Dice Heads, the base for the Dragonborn monk that I printed yesterday and a golden snitch from Crosslances. Partial fail with the beholder as I didn’t support the base well enough and it warped during printing. My fault as it was an auto-supported mini in Chitubox. Lesson learned for next time. It still stands up by itself as is, but I’ll give the base a sand to level it a bit more. Also, really loving my wash and cure stations. The wash station makes cleaning super simple. I haven’t had to clean resin off my build plate once as it goes right into the wash station and comes out clean. Plus I just used my cure station to give all my used paper towel a cure, just to be extra safe. I had left them in the sun for half a day, but I’d rather be safe.
  18. Well the printer is brand new, so I hope it's not failing. I'll keep and eye on it for now to see if it happens regularly. I'm in Australia. I can ask about it at my local recycling centre.
  19. So what happens when it’s too diluted to cure? It stays forever toxic? Or does the sunlight make it inert? Just trying to figure out the best way to deal with it if I’m going to keep removing supports in warm water moving forwards.
  20. The last prints I did sat on the build plate for an hour or two before I removed it and cleaned it. I noticed that there was some goopy resin hanging off the bottom of one of the prints. I'm assuming that it was every so slightly cured resin as it had the consistency of snot. It came off really easily and was not an issue to deal with, but I wondered if that was normal.
  21. STL Kickstarters also benefit from the fact that there's generally few "moving parts". It's generally just the creator, Kickstarter and a distributor like MMF or Gumroad. Plus most STL Kickstarters are sculpted or mostly sculpted by the time they launch.
  22. With pre-supported minis, do you worry about detecting and dealing with any islands found? Or do you just put them on the build plate and trust that they are correct? I ask as ChituBox is finding quite a few islands with pre-supported minis that I'm spending the time to fix, but I wonder if I'm just wasting my time needlessly doing that.
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