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  1. SgtHulka

    Prince Myshkin, my dog

    Wonderful. It could also serve as a material plane avatar of the great Goddess Monkeyulonda from Dungeon Majesty. Scry Time with Monkeyulonda
  2. Thanks to bonesium's ability to be cut more easily than metal, I have managed to create a mounted version of my old Hellakin Goregutter.
  3. SgtHulka

    Concept Art?

    Thanks Ladystorm, I didn't have some of those :) Still looking for more, more, more though! ;) I've even clipped some from old Casketworks.
  4. SgtHulka

    Concept Art?

    I like using the Reaper Concept Art sketches for my character portraits on D&D table tents. It gives other players and the DM a clear link between me and my miniature representation on the table. A lot of the miniatures don't have concept art included in their galleries. Does anyone know if the concept art is available anywhere else? In particular, I'm looking for concept art representing 14304 (or 77397) Logrim Dwarf Captain, 03188 Gagnar Scragslayer Half-Orc Pirate, 03078 Pearl the Mermaid, and 03646 (or 77132) Barnabus Frost, Pirate Captain. Thanks in advance.
  5. SgtHulka

    Riding halfling paladin?

    I'd also point out that the bones version of Hellakin Goregutter makes a very good mount for the second pack of dogs pcklint references above. http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/halfling%20bones/sku-down/77165 Just carve off his base and some of his cloak which is easy peasy since he's plastic.
  6. SgtHulka

    Battlestations: Second Edition! Classic Board Game/RPG

    Interesting I've always wanted to try this game! It used to be in 15mm.
  7. SgtHulka

    Mercenary Father Lucian Sforza - Infinity

    Lovely. Re: the scale. The older figs, like the Lucian you painted, are scaled more like models than like gaming figures. They are very similar in feel/proportion (but obviously not size) to 1/72 scale military figures. Sadly, the newer sculpts have lost that unique feel and are the "heroic scale" of most miniatures.
  8. Just read Lev Grossman's The Magicians. Tons of fun D&D references.
  9. SgtHulka


    Kangoorex' description of the game is one of the best I've read and is spot-on. It's not everyone's cup of tea because it's not so much about "levelling up" and becoming the biggest baddest mofo in the universe. As written it's about trying to survive (even trying to survive character creation) and staying out of the red. To me, it feels very post-Vietnam in space...returning veterans treated with suspicion by the civilian population trying to make their way in the universe and being forced into various unsavory mercenary jobs because that's the only thing they've been trained for. You know what would be cool? A Twilight 2000 Traveller campaign. A war on a balkanized world went nuclear and the player characters weren't "mustered out" of the military that's just when their units ceased to exist. Now they're banded together straggling through the wreckage hunting down rumors of potential starships to get the eff off this radioactive rock.
  10. SgtHulka

    Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish vs Frostgrave

    It's easy enough to add. Games are won and loss based on victory points. Factions are purchased with gold pieces. Just make gold pieces = victory points and you've got a levelling system. Just make sure you don't penalize gold for dead things because otherwise every battle will lose money.
  11. I've been really enjoying this story on Wattpad about a Conan-esque character delving the ruins of an ancient city in search of fabled riches: https://www.wattpad.com/story/44350352-the-bones-of-the-matter As a Wattpad author myself, I know we live off of not just reads but also likes and comments, so if you do like it I'm sure the author would really appreciate any votes you gave it.
  12. SgtHulka

    Fighter with crazy shield

    And it's convincing him to slit his own throat!
  13. SgtHulka

    Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish vs Frostgrave

    That's the main thing!
  14. SgtHulka

    Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish vs Frostgrave

    I'm quite enjoying Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish. I think the best way to describe it is giving you the ability to play out all those D&D conflicts that was occurring between NPC's when the player characters showed up. Like, the battle between the drow slavers and the caravan guards, or the orcs and the hobgoblins fighting for control of the caves of chaos, or whatever. If you like that kind of thing, OFS is your game. The other thing I like about it is you can build into practically any reaper character figure. Monster figures are a little more challenging if they don't already exist in the minion manual. Finally, I quite like the execution of traps and treasure. Frostgrave I haven't played, but I chose OFS because Frostgrave appeared very specific.
  15. SgtHulka

    Anti-Heroes of our Campaign (pic-heavy)

    Tonight on SyFy...Apenado!