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  1. right i havn't got any pics of it just yet but i will do hopefully tommorow cause it should be getting its under coat then. until tomorrow i'll leave you with a clue to what it is: it is big, well for 40K anyway it is nurgle
  2. i have some bad news, i wont be doin any painting today instead we are going to Scotland today instead of tomorrow! what can i do! lol i will do some painting when i get back
  3. nice to see it finaly glued together, said this before but it needs sayin again i adore the blades, really like the marble effect it has
  4. god i wish so, can't wait till the next time i go quading
  5. right i am thinkin bout gettin some paintin done tomorrow so i will try and gt another aspiring champion done
  6. well what can i say... i absolutely adore nurgle, of course being a nurgle player myself and these are some pretty excepional models. very nice paint job, i do like the green, you can never get bored of green. there is only one problem!....... they are TOO clean, the green is nice and neat and the skulls are too...erm... fresh and white and the tenticles are too bold no, no, no before you hit me only kidden, they are very nice models and i have to ask how did you do the trim, i'm lookin for something nice and rusty like tht for my models, mine are to bold. i'll look foward to seeing some more of this army!!!
  7. as hoshnasi said, here is the current update of what i have done today. basicly cause they weren't undercoated in dark flesh i have just brown inked them and have started the drybrushing process.
  8. i know what you mean if they were cheaper i would have a whole forge world plague marine army and a death korps of krieg one aswell cause they are some pretty amazin looking imperial guard
  9. they could be on later on today, i might be goin round tombwalkers for a bit of painting so we shall see, keep your eyes peeled one thing i am most happy about is one of the guys has the same back pack as my asiring champion in show off!!! obviously and tht the figures are forge world teh amount of detail on them is really nice for some pictures of the models (not mine) with the same kit vist this website http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/dgpa.htm
  10. yea i know but i don't fancy them at the moment, get my education over and done with first, unlike some i knew at my old school that gave birth at teh ae of 13 and missed most of year 9
  11. now i could talk about my kids and post lots of pics of them on here but, there is only one problem .... i happen to not have any being only 16
  12. hey you haven't showed me this guy on your computer, but very nice computer effects on the model they might need you at GW to do the model box graphics!
  13. i have just bought 10 forge world plaguemarines, through tombwalker, for a tenner!!! i am exstatic just because it gives my army tht slight difference tha most other armies don't have. i am astounded at the price and an extremely happy person at the moment !!! i will have some photos of the squad up as soon as possible but in its actual 7 man squad.
  14. thanks alot toad, i actualy nicked the colour scheme from a white dwarf issue (warhammers magazine for those that don't know), i will find out which one later, but the guys army in tht were much brighter green more towards teh rotting flesh colour intead of my darker green. i actualy now have a problem, the trim i have gone off it, it was only a simple colour i made to have a slightly rusty resemblance. i am at the moment trailing through the painting guides until i find the right sort of rusty look i want!
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