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  1. Are we there yet? F5F5F5F5F5F5F5
  2. ZOMG!! Early bird shipping, got the notice 7:26 PST. Can't wait!! You're getting: 2013 Core Set x1 Narthrax Dragon x1 Lords of Darkness x1 Mouslings x2 Unleash the Kraken! x1 Oh, Rats! x1 Heroes and Villains x1 Gelatinous Cube x1 Greater Demons x1 Water Elementals x1 Hill Giants x1 Demon Lords x1 Blightfang Dragon x1 Devils x1 Cinder Dragon x1 Master Series Paint Set x1 Verocithrax Dragon x1 Expansion Set 1 x1 Master Series Paint Set 2 x1 Numenera Monsters x1 Expansion Set 2 x1 Troll Slayer Sophie x2 Burrowing Horrow x1 Mashaaf, Great Old One x1 Khanjira, the World Breaker x1 Dragons Don't Share x2 Thank You Set x2 Cadirith x1 Your shipment was postmarked on 02-10-2015 and is being shipped UPS Ground.
  3. I woulda been all over this too if it weren't for the price and monster selection. I thought it was initially based on The Real Ghostbusters cartoon/comic, which was one of my faves. Also this is the first time I've seen a retailer exclusive.
  4. estrus


    3x Enforcer sprues 2x Peacekeeper sprues 2x Forge Guard sprues 1 FF Inferno Drill All I can think of is ... so many bits to customize the Deadzone zombies with! This does it for my pledge.
  5. I happened to be driving right past my dropship location today. I have completely lost track of what I am getting and when and so dropped in to see if they had anything for me. Nope. :(
  6. This showed up unexpectedly today. Mostly the basic box with a couple extra packets of what looks like terrain. I don't remember if the transfer decals were an addon or not, but they were loose at the bottom of the box and I almost threw out my two sheets out with the packing peanuts.
  7. Mine too, incredible! Can't thank you enough Gene (edit) and Reaper
  8. wooohooo! Monsieur Mange... I'm stealing that as my dog's new nickname. Right now she's "Stinky Minky"
  9. I wanna hear what they have in store for "the end of Nov".
  10. The Benny Hill music that plays in my head whenever I think of this project is still going strong.
  11. Sweet. I had already posted my amazement at getting them so quick. I'll take a closer look at the contents and report my finding.
  12. Got my Salvage Crew TODAY, a mere SIX days after KS close! That's a record for me.
  13. In for most of the new figures. I guess it's now time to decide which of the catalog figs to gets. I like the 3 stage horror minis.
  14. Got a refund for this today. She couldn't fulfill. So I get this is technically a FAILED project, tho my status in Kickstarter is DROPPED.
  15. That was just Kay, she was running late for work Glad I didn't smoosh it then!
  16. The best part about working in your yard? Running your hand through your hair an hour later, only to have a small spider jump out onto the table and scurry off.
  17. I felt the same way about Farscape- such an odd show when I could catch it. Once I sat down and watched it, REALLY watched it, it became (and still is) my favorite sci-fi show of all time.
  18. oy as if I needed more reason to stay out, the $5000 property tax bill cometh today.
  19. See? The pages worth of comments going back and forth about which stamps folks are limiting themselves to choosing proves they are too expensive! The greedy completionist in me wants them all, making the "one or two" option impossible. I'm just hardwired to not be able to plunk down $100 and walk away with only a couple of these.
  20. I've considered that and it certainly pads (pun intended) the blow, but still outside my comfort zone.
  21. You know what's worse than burning the roof of your mouth on pizza? Burning the *back* of your mouth with scalding hot soup! My coffee has been excruciating for the last couple days.
  22. I've never waffled so hard and so long as I have with these. Between the exchange rate and the shipping, I just for the life me can't justify how expensive these are. I was mildly underwhelmed by the first Happy Seppuku KS and feel these would fit the bill perfectly. I. Just. Can't. Afford. It. and it's killing me!
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