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  1. Nice work. This barge is next up on my to do list, so I'm looking for ideas. Also, where is that mid-size boat from? it looks like it would add nicely to my growing armada.
  2. I am starting this thread respectfully, because I don't think this fits in the category of Fantasy mini I'd like to see or Chronoscope mini. Can we please get a third wise man to round out our nativity scene? I'm tired of using Darkrasp to fill in the gap. Other fans, please sound in to show interest!
  3. This is the most appropriate brand name for this alternate use. I use bits of sprue. I am also bad at gauging how much green stuff I need for any given basing project, so I tend to take the excess and roll it into little balls for use as agitators.
  4. I was wondering about how everyone stores their minis, RPG enthusists, especially. We have several threads devoted to display shelves, but I'm talking about storing the sheer multitude of minis you have, not just the ones you want to show off. Elaboration: Most of my painting is done to a "tabletop level" because that is what I use them for. But I also have a ton of pre-painted minis from various sources. Right now, I have them all wandering free across the shelves of some book cases in my gaming room. but they are completely un-organized and crowded, making finding minis for game time a bit of a hassle. I need to group them in some fashion, but how? according to size? according to monster type? alphabetically? I am wondering if anyone else has a system that could help point me in some kind of direction here. To be honest, as I get more and more bones stuff painted, the shelves of Little Guy Acres are getting more and more full, and some of the old pre-paints are going to have to go in storage bins, to avoid creating some kind of miniatures based soylent-green situation in their neighborhood. But even those ones are hail and hardy actors from way back, and deserve the respect of proper cataloging for future use.
  5. I'm planning on painting mine in Hiram McDaniels colors: Gold, Green, Violet, Blue, and Grey
  6. Just to let all of you helpful folks know, I tried one set of legs at a time, but I am too shortsighted to see how they would look best when fully assembled. so I went with putting the legs in their slots, holding them in place with one daring thumb on it's belly, and (carefully) dipping one half of the spider at a time. this got me to where I was happy with the pose. This was my first major unbending (other than swords and the damned gargoyle) so the mentions of increasing boiling time were actually a great help. Thanks to all for your advice!
  7. Wasn't sure if this should go here or in the Craft Corner, but since it could have info related to the entire Bones line, I went with here. And now, onto my question: I am assembling my Cadirith, Demonic Colossal Spider, The legs are bent all wonky. I understand how to unbend bones, and have done it several times, but never with a multi part critter like this. My instinct is telling me to glue the thing together, and then dip it in the boiling water, so I can better arrange all of the legs. But, if past performance is any indicator, my instincts hate me and want to see me in pain, so I thought I better put it before the forum. Will gluing the mini and then reshaping it cause issues for the mini? Should I try to bend it first, and then glue it together?
  8. Not only have I found out what my copy of this guy is going to look like when I paint him, but I've also found out that Werewolvians has the one of the best forum signatures ever.
  9. huh. I've never heard of this game before, but seeing your painted minis makes me want to buy it.
  10. I love the rusted look, and will be stealing this idea when I get to my Barrow Wardens. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Thanks for the options, gang! I'm definitely looking for something around 20mm, but I'm hoping to find something that fits in with my current basing style (PCs get nice bases, mooks and mobs get plastic toy quarters I found at the teaching supply store) so that pet and familiars get bases that match their masters. If Reaper launches their smaller bases over this summer, that should do the trick, but I plan of perusing some of these other options as well.
  12. Does anybody know of companies making bases for smaller creatures? I mean smaller than the 1" or 30 mm bases that Reaper makes. I don't know why, but I have this weird desire to have my small or tiny creatures on bases that are smaller than normal. I hate having a critter get lost on a base that is way too big for it. I don't know if your answering here would violate forum rules, so if you know of a place, please PM me. Thanks!
  13. Sweet! Thanks. When my players meet him as an NPC, he will be Arikiel the Hunter.
  14. So I went through my Bones II order to make sure everything was there, and in the end, came up with an extra bit lying on my table. I have no idea who has lost their sword and quiver. Does anyone recognize who it belongs to?
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