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  1. thanks! Its funny but at the time i painted this fig my buddies were startin to play the game malifaux by wyrd miniatures..... and i didnt really like any of the sculpts so for the first time i decided to make a list using some of my favorite minis as proxys... this guy is a proxy for the rules of an ice golem... big and tuff from the cult of december faction... ive got the entire starter team proxied ... i call my proxie faction the revenge of the mycophiles! and i even ordered an entire 52 card deck of playing cards with art of diferent mushrooms to aid in my gaming experience from a website that promotes the hobby of mushroom hunting. ( the game requires cards rather than dice) ill post more of the team as soon as i can...
  2. i love this figure. makes me think of the old old H.R puff in stuff from way back! apologies for the pics.. will get better with time!
  3. i love the eyes and the lighting effect, very cool, inspiring approach, using the colors that you chose really help cast a theme over the piece as a whole. very nice!
  4. that is actual plasticard cut up, then i used plasticard hexagon tubing cutting thin slices, the steps are the same tubing bent with a pair of needle nose pliers , the rock is a chunk of cement, i used iraqi sand for the base, then went over it with a mix of windsor and newton peat ink, thinned with color float and water, i love to do my inking with flow extender or color float. anyhow when you mix those two it makes for a nice wwii desert pink that you see in the north africa campaign, i lost the effect due to the luster of my clear coat i think. the picture takes away from it to, but i'll get better im sure
  5. i see that as well, i used micro's flat , diluted about 50/50 , and airbrushed it on. what would you suggest or how do you dull coat your figs? thanks
  6. Hello this is my first time displaying a reaper piece. Ive been painting for awhile and i thought id give the idea of selling my works on ebay. Thought i would post some images here and get some feedback, still getting used to my camera. Thanks.
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