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  1. We use a gel superglue that you can buy in a little bottle at Wal-mart for a buck or two. Most things it holds itself together while drying. Scorpions we did have to lay flat on their backs and press the legs down for a bit in order to work. The tough part was not getting the legs stuck to your finger while you did that. The duelist also presented a minor problem, but a paint bottle on each side plus a stack of empty blister packs in front to hold the ends of the barrels up solved the problem nicely.
  2. So far we've just got up the League Rules & standings, but pics and such will follow so keep checking it out: Adventureland CAV League
  3. Soulcatcher

    Falcon cav

    I really didn't like the Falcon when I was looking at the picture in the JoR. Now that I've seen the mini, its definitely a lot better. Still not one of my favorites, but I don't dislike it either so that's a big step up!
  4. I guess I don't really understand why people are so violently anti click-tech. I played Mage Knight for a couple years and had quite a good time with it despite its many flaws. (Only to completely abandon the game when I was introduced to CAV.) I guess I view click-tech players more as poor unfortunates who don't know what they're missing, rather than as some hated sub-race. I've actually managed to bring a few over to the right side of things.
  5. I don't see why everyone is so down on tanks. On a cost per kill basis they're some of my best units. It seems my CAV sections are always getting shredded, (as are my air units as much as I love them). But my tanks always seem to come through for me.
  6. I have a question about an apparent conflict in the rules for determining line of sight. According to the rules, vehicles block line of sight for other vehicles by not for CAVs. Therefore, consider the following situation: You have two Hunter tanks travelling down a road, one behind the other. Out on the road ahead steps a Dictator CAV. According to the above rule, the Dicatator can fire at the rear Hunter tank because the intervening Hunter tank does not block its line of sight. However, the rear Hunter tank will not be able to return defensive fire against the Dictator, because the intervening Hunter tank DOES block its line of sight. This doesn't make sense to me. In addition, the rules mention the "Golden Rule of Line of Sight" which says if you can be seen to be shot at, you can see what's shooting at you. So which rule prevails? The vehicle line of sight rule, or the Golen Rule of Line of Sight?
  7. Yes, we're not making any changes to the interaction, we're just "blowing up the playing surface." Actually, I've thought about how much fun it would be to run armies that were 4,000 - 5,000 points a side and then play on an actual 8x8 table using the range mods to make it a 16x16 table. There's one weekend completely gone.
  8. Yes, the centimeter conversion works out about the same. Ultimately, we decided that we had all these measuring tapes marked in inches, so we might as well use them. Frosch: Give it a try. You might decide you like it. . . and if not, it was only one game.
  9. We have so many people showing up to our weekly CAV get togethers, that despite having 4 4x8 tables, we've been forced to play on the "standard" 4x4 playing surface. Using a 4x4 surface seems to do an injustice to the game. The CAVs with 60" of range can hit anything on the board, and the 48" can do almost as well. Additionally, the super-heavies don't pay any real penalty for being so big. Even 8" of move on a 4x4 board is still pretty decent. So what you wind up with is super-heavy cavs being underpriced relative to their effectiveness, and 60" range CAVs being overpriced because a 48" range CAV would do just about as well. Additionally, your deployment winds up covering most of the board because you're forced to take up so much room to keep your interval. We came up with a simple solution to solve all these problems: When playing on a 4x4 surface, cut all ranges, movement, and areas of effect in half. This effectively turns the surface into an 8x8 area. We found that once range and movement were really limiting factors, the game became much more tactical and enjoyable for everyone. Even if you're suspicious of this idea, I'd encourage you to at least try it out for one game and see if it doesn't improve your experience.
  10. For a safer alternative you might try gel superglue. You can get it at Wal-Mart for $.57 a tube. It has the advantage of holding the fig together while it dries so that you don't have to sit there holding it. We've been getting great results with it!
  11. Unfortunately, I'd have to say that they're still underpriced. I also question whether there really should be four levels of pilot. Should pilot (and WSO) skill really play that much of a role? In our own world I'm not sure that a M1A1 MBT with a top-notch crew is going to be so vastly superior to an M1A1 MBT with an average crew that the former would win every single engagement between the two. The technology involved just vastly reduces the importance of the individual. In CAV we're saying that a good pilot can be more important to the survival of a CAV than armor! (+4 pilot vs. most CAVs having only +2 or +3 armor). It just doesn't seem to be the way it ought to work. Perhaps another solution would be to drop down to a Regular, Veteran and Ace level of +0, +1, and +2 respectively.
  12. Nevermind. . . found 'em.
  13. Soulcatcher

    Building pdfs

    Where can I find the various building PDFs to download. I grabbed the hospital PDF from this forum, but I didn't see the other "basic" building PDFs. Thanks!
  14. Don't forget that in a balanced game, the uber-cav doesn't have to survive the battle to win. It just has to take out more points than it cost.
  15. I wasn't suggesting that the silver itself might be worth a huge amount. It just seemed to me that there would be a market for those originals, and if they were cast out of silver that people would be willing to pay substantially more for them (out of proportion to their actual value as a hunk of metal.) I agree that putting them on some kind of fancy base would make them even more valuable to collectors.
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