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  1. I'm not sure if he is or not, but I just painted this zombie golem thing :) He was a speed paint, taking about 4-5 hours from prep to finish and he is made from resin. I liked all his "nooks and crannies" it was very fun to paint! The base is just green stuff I carved into a dungeon floor. Enjoy :) C&C welcome!
  2. Very beautiful job! I especially like the blacks on the first figure :)
  3. Thanks guys for the input. I guess it was, though it seemed to work fine on the metal ones... could that still be a bad can? I don't use testor's and was using a larger can of acrylic varnish from Hobby Lobby (it's for acrylics, not acrylic lol.. I just can't think of the name right now) and matte finish after that. I think I'll get Testor's though for the resin figs (I don't paint many) and that should last me :)
  4. What do people use? I have tried normal spray varnish but it had an adverse effect on the miniatures and turned them very very sticky :( So what do people use? I'm almost done with a resin mini at this time and have no clue what to do to protect it in game use. Thanks!
  5. I love these!! I think Link x Zelda are my favorite <3 very nice job!!
  6. I'm still trying to figure out the best setting to take my photos :( I'm sorry. Both are the right colors, just one is darker. As for the anagram, you're right! It's Half Ogre :)
  7. The only thing I can think of is that the capital letters spell "RHOW", which phonetically sounds like "ROE", which means that he might...like sushi? I am going to assume I am terribly, terribly wrong. Possibly ;) Hehe... it's an anagram of another word :)
  8. I just finished some PCs for a D&D campaign we're playing. Mine and my friends :) I really enjoyed painting them all :D First: Sascha Dubois, Time Chaser painted as my Artificer NPC Veronica Bell (aka ViVi) Second: Damien, Hellborn Wizard painted as my husband's Rainbow Savant, Andor of the Stars Third: Blue Orchid painted as Malcolm for my friend (he's a rogue) Fourth: Orbrag, Stonebiter as Rhaegulf the Half Ogre Warblade (hehe... can you catch the neat trick in his name? ;))
  9. Thanks, everyone, for the kind words! For the trees, since it was the first time I've used them, drybrushing on them was far from my mind. I was lucky to get the flock to stick! LOL However, now that I'm a wee bit more comfortable with them, I'll definitely drybrush in the future. Darsc: Thanks! He does have a very good eye and is very artistic. :D
  10. This little diorama took about a month or so to paint and I enjoyed each moment. My son (5) chose the color scheme and this is the first time I've used the bendable trees. I'm really proud of it :) Enjoy! Excuse the shininess as it's been varnished.
  11. Thanks for posting!! I'll definitely work on more transitions with the colors, I definitely agree after seeing your gems. Also, for those who have asked, the blue is Vallejo's Dark Blue (70930) :)
  12. Thanks! I used the Gemstone Tutorial from Necromancer Tales (it's my go-to for gems) and followed the recipe there. Like I said, the photos look horrible and really washed out the mini (I'm going to attempt to get better photos this weekend if I have time...), but in person, the transitions are more subtle. I do see what you're saying, though :D Since he was a tabletop mini, I didn't spend too much time on the transitions.. I'm sure they would look better if I had. I do definitely need to keep practicing, though! :D
  13. Thanks! He is a Reaper Mini :) The blue I used is from Vallejo, I think it was dark blue or something (I haven't got it on hand atm) but I can let you know when I can!!
  14. This fella was a "quick" paint, taking about 5-6 hours. He's painted to represent a "bad guy" in my husband's epic D&D game (level 30!). I really enjoyed painting him and the gems proved to be a challenge because I'm used to painting perfectly circular gems, so the egg was a little harder than norm, but I think it turned out alright. C&C welcome! Enjoy! Sorry for the poor photos >.< No idea what my lights were doing last night, lol.
  15. Like this idea!! I've been on DA for a little while, now, and I hate that they don't have better categories for the minis. Will definitely comment!
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