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  1. Devil looks like Dash from the Incredibles. :)
  2. It's big enough to fit your standard set of D&D dice in. @Veegis, it's not a miniature. It's a resin chest.
  3. Sometimes I get asked to paint something other than minis. The client wanted an Azure Drake from WOW on this chest. Paints are a combination of Reaper and Ceramcoat hobby paints. Thanks for looking!
  4. Thanks @Glitterwolf and @pogre! Much appreciated. :D
  5. Another one for a client of mine completed! He sent me a character illustration as inspiration for the mini. Really like this figure, and may pick him up myself, paint him in full military green for use with my IMEF Troopers!
  6. As a long time Star Wars fan (since I was two years old), I give this my heartiest Wookie GRAAWWOOLLL!!! of approval. Well done Pochi!
  7. That's why I said I THINK they sell him. But you are correct. Spoke with the client and it was part of their KS.
  8. Thanks folks! He was fun to paint up. I THINK you can find him on the Titan Forge website.
  9. Thanks everyone! @haldir, that's what I was thinking as well. He's at least a 2nd or 3rd level fighter. Wouldn't be able to afford that chain mail otherwise. ;)
  10. Right @Kengar!? I'm tempted to pick these up for myself. My favorite 2 are the ones holding the chests. The more realistic feel with the padded jerkin and the tabard over the chainmail is great. :D
  11. I have a long time, local client that I've painted a bunch of minis for. These are his latest 4. Tried to use similar colors, but in different places on the figures. Thanks for looking!
  12. Client asked me to paint up this resin figure from Titan Forge. The mini itself is about the same size as a Reaper figure. The images on the flag were done with a .005 micron pen. Thanks for looking!
  13. Thanks @LittleBluberry! I did find some Indian clothes online and took inspiration from them. Couple saris, and other silk robes/skirts/etc...:)
  14. Only thing I'd add would one more highlight to the boots and gloves. Other than that, I like him. Dig the figure too.
  15. The skin on the ogre is looking good, but the barbarian is much too harsh. Looks like you need to go back in with some midtone colors to help smooth out the layers from basecoat to highlight. With that being said, watch your highlights on the ogre. If you go too high, you'll need to do the same thing as the barbarian. I look forward to seeing how you progress. :) Keep at it!
  16. "Good, I hope this recipe works out for you! Be sure to show off those figures after you paint them. I thought at first that Deep Amethyst would look too purple to appear "black", so I was going to use the Dark Elf Skin triad (purple-gray), but this looks good to me, especially next to the blue tabard/cloak. I used the Dark Elf colors in the "silver" details and the "steel" halberd-blade." Derek I like using the Dark Elf triad for highlighting black, especially boots and scabbards/sheaths. I'll have to give them a try for NMM now as well. I will for sure post them when they are completed! Thanks again @dks!
  17. Thanks for the color recipe Derek. I'm going to try that out on a couple figures that I client wants black armor on.
  18. @TheMandolinFor the Hero Forge I use the Badger Stynlrez primers for the same reason @rfusca mentioned. I was given a box of all the colors from Ken himself at a local Warhammer tourney I was helping at. I paint a lot of figures over the course of a year, so it's nice to have the larger bottles of primer, and different colors to choose from. For Bones I use either that, Reaper's blue or brown liners, or Reaper's brush on black primer.
  19. @Disciple of Sakura the quality has gotten much better since they first started a few years ago. The plastic is smooth, and you barely notice the printing lines once you get some paint on them. They are a bit pricey Tumalis, but you are creating your own custom figure. These 2 are for a client, and I've painted a lot of Hero Forge figures over the course of several years, and that's including their horrible white plastic figures. I have 2 figures from their earlier plastic stock. I prefer what they are using now, which is the grey material (black) rather than the clear plastic. I had Hero Forge print them, as I don't own a 3D printer at this time.
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