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  1. Thank you all for your kind words. Nothing else I can say. When I finish more I will absolutely be putting some more up here. Thanks again.
  2. Nice work! He looks good and the base is really nice. Cool.
  3. She is from Darksword Miniatures based here in Minnesota! You can find them at www.darkswordminiatures.com!! They make some really great minis based on Clyde Caldwell, Kieth Parkinson (RIP), Larry Elmore, and now George RR Martin's characters!! This is one of the minis from Darksword:
  4. Thanks Thasia! Mark was a great friend and a fantastic gamer! He had so many ideas and character concepts for all the RPGs we played. He and I shared a musical bond as well since we are both drummers/percussionists. He is missed by all of our friends. I will be posting others of his minis as I complete. But I'm taking my time to make sure that each of them will be special.
  5. This is great! I love the novels and I have purchased Jon Snow's mini. Like Kang, I too am a little intimidated by Mr. Meier's work. Jon Snow is still sitting on my "to do" shelf. I'm working on my technique for highlighting black. It's a pain. Anyway. Nice work here for sure!
  6. I finished a miniature that my friend Mark had. I was honored that his family wanted me to have his miniatures after he passed last Dec. I have finished a few of his, but I'm not as proud of those as I am of this one. We love and miss you Mark.
  7. Thanks Spike! I got it off a Chevy truck!! LOL!! It was part of the design on the tailgate of the truck. I thought it would look cool on a mini. I'll take your advice and use that olive green. Thanks again you guys!
  8. I like the mini, but it could use some more colors IMO. Other than that the mini is converted really well.
  9. I agree with TW there. GO OUTSIDE!! It's great to get some decent pics of your minis!
  10. I don't normally base the ones in my private collection. I use them to much in our games. But the ones I do for commissions and for sale on ebay will be based. Tombwalker! I had a lot of fun on the mages cloak. I did the same to the Air Sorceress's cloak as well.
  11. And boy does that make a difference! Hope you guys and girls like these. They show off the details a lot better.
  12. I used a minwax semi-gloss sealant, but don't use it any more. The matte sealant I use in the Krylon matte sealer. I shake the can for about a minute before spraying. Yes I use the flash. If I didn't the pics would be to dark. I'm going to try taking pics outside in the morning here to get some good natural light.
  13. Just wanted to throw a personal thank you to you for your kind words about my minis. To have them described as professional really made my week!! Thank you.

    Tom Nelson

  14. Wow!! Thank you all for the advice and comments. They are very well received here!! To have my work called professional means a lot to me. I have been talking with Linus for a bit now and have taken so much info and inspiration from him over the last few years that to read that they can see his influence in my work is very humbling to me. I hope to aspire to his level of painting some day. As to the comment about using dullcoat. I do use a matte sealant now. The Hill Troll (which is one of my favorites) has been coated 5 times. Twice with semi-gloss and 3 times with matte. Can't seem to get the shine out of my minis! LOL! Tombwalker! I have no idea about the GW Dark elf. A dear friend of ours died very suddenly last Dec. and his parents gave me all of his miniatures. Some I had painted for him and others he hadn't even taken out of the blister pack yet. The dark elf was bouncing around in a plastic bag with about 30 other miniatures and no labeling on any of them. Had to find a base to put him on along with the high elf in the 1st pic. I will be taking all of your advice and working harder on my transitions. Thanks again!
  15. Just took some fresh photos tonight using some tips from here and from Linus at Viking Lodge. Thanks for all your help folks!!
  16. That's an older mini before I had some matte finish! LOL! Yeah she's shiny!
  17. This contest still going on? I would love to jump in and see what happens with mine!
  18. Thanks for the comments I've posted a better picture tonight of the same mini. I'll try and get some others up as well. As for the "Good Enough" part. That was for competitions. Like I said. I've been painting for a while now but mostly to table top standards and for my gamer friends. I did some commission work a few years ago for a VERY large group of gamers at my local shop. It made me enough to buy my new drumset!! LOL!! Anyway thanks for the comments all of you and I'll be posting new pics soon. I think I have a decent way of taking some really great pics now!! Tom Here is Dain DeepAxe!!
  19. Here are a few more minis I thought you all might like! Take care and happy painting! Tom
  20. Just thought I would post some of the minis I've painted over the last 7 years up here to see what you folks thought about them. Any comments or advice would be cool.
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