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  1. Thank you for the response. You would not by chance have images of the models in that series? Jodee
  2. This is the one, next to the 2466 ape.
  3. There was a reaper ape made that is NOT 2466 but is down in a three point stance. Anybody know the number?
  4. yes. I scaled it from a perry 28mm fig. 18 feet at the shoulder if the perry fig is 6 feet to the top of the head.
  5. This is about 70% done. I will add more definition and musculature. It has been a weird process of addition and subtraction. If there are any tricks on detailing please let me know. Best regards, Jodee
  6. I look forward to picking it up.
  7. sweet, I feel much better. Must buy now.
  8. This is a lovely sculpt. However, can somebody please explain to me what is going on with her face? Is she wearing a mask? From both angles that show the head it appears as if she is wearing a mask. What are the small tusk or globe-like things by the corners of her mouth? Her eyeholes also appear very alien or bug-like. Somebody tell me what is going on because I love this sculpt. Jodee
  9. Is this brute only coming out in P-65? Is he comparable in size to Tre Manor's Hill giant? Jodee
  10. That was me on Frothers. I was wasted. I tend to talk a little too much stuff on the net when I have had a nite out. That night I was in some stupid corporate bashing mode. Am I embarrased? No. Was I wrong? Yes. Do I completely trust companies to do whats best for me? No, of course not. Like I said, I wouldn't care if Reaper management stepped on puppies. Even if I did think they held on their pricing as long as they could it wouldn't effect my puchasing decisions. You see I am not a cheap gamer. I am an impulsive collector. That is why I have dropped over 1200 bucks on Reaper alone in the last two years. I will continue to drop more, probably more than the folks giggling on this board. I don't need Reaper to be my friend. I just want them to continue making pieces I like. They should blow this post up and put it on a wall. Best regards, Jodee
  11. what you need is a Crocodile Games Wargods of Olympus titan overlord. the two top pics are of the cyclops version and the bottom link is a two eyed version, they are the same size. http://www.crocodilegames.com/newforum/ind...post&id=125 Jodee
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