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  1. Spells that don't require LoS and Blink could both become very strong. As could things like Wall of Fire/Magma Earth/Wall of Stone.
  2. Here to sign up Necropolis, Ork, and Elf armies for the fight. For the Vale!
  3. A third doctrine? Could be kinda nice, could get the tree summoning and the old improved cover bonus.
  4. My bro and I played a game of Warlord 2 last night (me with magic heavy elves, him with a small horde of skeletons with some magic). We came upon a wording problem. In regards to AOE's, all the text says that AOE numbers give the diameter, but the example picture shows an AOE using the radius. Which is it? From what my bro and I could see, radius made some AOE's, like Firestorm, ridiculously huge. Diameter seemed to make some abilities, for example Barrage and Mass Cure, trivial. We started the game using diameter, but ended up switching to diameter near the end.
  5. OH GOD! The Saprolings, they be missing from the Warlord 2 beta!
  6. YES! Gonna have a lot of fun with Night of the Solstice now.
  7. 1000 Points Troop A- Larnach- Familiar- 140 Ardynn- Magic Armor- 68 Lysette- Familiar, Book of Tactics-85 Royal Guardsmen (4)- 140 Troop B- Meridh- 25 Vale Warrior (3)- 66 Vale Archer (3)- 93 Vale Longthorn (1)- 17 Troop C- Meridh- 25 Vale Warrior (3)- 66 Vale Archer (3)- 93 Vale Longthorn (1)- 17 Troop D- Mossbeard- 161 Luckstone- 3 Just a quick, magic heavy list I just drew up using the beta for Warlord 2. The only model I lack is Larnach. Comments, criticisms, and advice are welcome.
  8. I am incredibly excited for this new edition! I haven't really played much since the Rage Chronicles started churning out, but I'm loving what I see of this new edition. The new magic system is just sublime, I can't wait to try it. If only this was coming out before Origins.
  9. So, how do you all feel about the Army of Justice?
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