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  1. Far as I know they've no plans to release anything in plastic. The dragons are resin (which I suspect will come in the standard grey/white colouring) and the rest of the range is white metal (barring a few other big models which will be resin like the dragons). They've not mentioned any plastic models, though it might well be a consideration for the future The Hoarding Beast is in the $50K "Exterminators" stretch goal along with a big miniature for the other two factions. With $30K already raised in the first few days the KS is bound to make it easily to the 50K point so don't be afraid to jump in with the rest of us :)
  2. I've sort of been guessing here and there, but yet to read a firm confirmation - soo with kickstarter ending soon -- Will the miniature cases released be shipped in September or March? I know Reaper confirms that the Sophies and Paints are out in September so does this mean cases are shipping with the rest of the order in March?
  3. Late to the game, but heck I won't be able to rest till my voice his heard (kinda ;P). But I'd love to see: Silver dragon 65144 Guardian Beast 14234 make it into the Kickstarter - Silver dragon would be an ace finishing item (I reckon we'll get one $2million target which we've a hope of reaching on the last day if the numbers keep turning - however this last jump is a whopping 440,000 so I suspect Reaper would have the next mark well over $2mill if they keep increasing the upgrade range). Also I'm surprised we didn't see any (Unless I've missed one) of the "green/silver" models being added to the Kickstarter for Bones - would have thought they would have been ideal adds considering some people were lucky enough to be able to afford and get the originals
  4. Thanks for the input on their bags ^^ As for the model, well I'm no Sophie collector and whilst the novelty factor is enticing its more the fact that I get a model this side of Christmas that is attracting me to getting her. £100+ isn't small change and - well - its an investment in a purchase that is a good half a year away (7 months IF they make the March deadline).
  5. On the subject of cleaning could people go into detail about mould line cleaning on the minis? I know the Bones ones are reported not to get much of a mould line, but they still do get them. I've read that its softer plastic so I'm suspecting that it will be a scrap job with a scalaple/knife - however would a very very grain sand paper also work on the plastic (I know harder grain ones won't work - like finecast and the PP plastic resin its likely to burr as opposed to file neat)
  6. Ok I'm sure there must be a thread on this somewhere, but ----- I can't seem to find it and posts in those big Kickstarter threads are buried under a weight of massive posts ;) So just a generalist question on if anyone has used these cases, how good they are, what kind of models you've transported etc..... (ps also what's better 2 cases or a 1 case and Sophie????)
  7. Greg surely most of the people who will put serious money into the Kickstarter will pay before the deadline (if they can) to help unlock yet more items - I think here is where Reaper have an advantage over many other Kickstarters who offer post event purchase, because each payment increases the total and increases your reward. Basically anyone looking to get the Vampire level is going to want to pay before in the kickstarter to increase the chances of getting even more stuff for their money. Also, for most pledges, provided that the minimum amount is reached (and ergo the project is funded) It won't matter to the developers if extra money comes in from inside or outside of kickstarter so a delay isn't as much of a problem - as long as they make their starting break point to get the KS funding.
  8. Many thanks guys - esp Jordan and and Inarah for the visual comparison sets! Shakandara - if you've more to add it would be great to see them as well - the more the merrier. For GW 40K I'd say something like an Imperial guardsman would be a good generalist model to standard for a "scale" measure to compare to.
  9. *I hope I put this in the right subsection* Simple question and yet it seems to throw up a fair bit of confusion, esp from what I can find considering that it seems there is a lot of variation in the miniatures market in scales of models, furthermore differences in European (feet to eyes) and US (feet to head top) in how scales are measures (as well as others who compare models based on base size). In addition not all mini ranges (in fact many) are not all do scale - monsters might be bigger or smaller than they should be, vehicles are often smaller than they should be etc..... So in this sea of confusion there is a bit of leeway as to what different scales can slip together and still look good on the table. However I've no reaper minis to compare scales to, so since the Bones range is a change of material as opposed to scale or model type and many of the range are already on the market in metal I'm wondering if any here can shed some light on how well typical "28mm heroic" models from Reaper compare to other ranges such as GW Warhammer/40K or PP Warmachine/Hordes models? Do they stand well on the table next to each other - do you have to use any "tricks" (from what I've read some suggest using a slightly higher scenic base for reaper minis) and top of the list could you show any photos comparing the models that you've used side by side (this latter part appears tricky to find - one can find lots showing models in their own ranges, but less cross brand comparisons).
  10. As someone trying to juggle affording what I'd like to get in the KS this month is fantastic news indeed! It's great that Reaper are going to allow us to add to the amount to be able to afford more that is on offer. I assume that just as the additional funds added after the event won't unlock new extras, the currently displayed deals on the KS page will all still be available for the same cost through the PM. I'm assuming that whilst you are giving no set date that the PM will be released before orders start being fulfilled (far as I can tell this would only apply to Sophies (and possibly the game cases) since they are the only models shipping early).
  11. Thanks for the responces - I was thinking that with the cat I could try a riding style like the one Princess Mononoke uses in the film (of the same name ;)) - that is with the legs held up as opposed to down. As for the Allicorn the mane is the bad part - the wing angle should not be too much of a problem to alter I think, but the mane I was thinking of just filing away the greater part of it - adding the rider and then greenstuffing over a new mane
  12. Evening all - I have decided to use a series of reaper minis to add to and convert into my Warhammer Woodelf army - and as such I would be interested in some scale information. I am in the UK and can't get to any shop where I can see the models in person, so I am limited to the internet to get this info. Specifically with regard to these minis: http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/sandr...ty/latest/02951 (for the army general - though modifying the mane will be a pain I think) http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/sandr...ty/latest/14077 http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/cat/latest/02480 ( though I think this one might be too small or require alternative leg positions.) I am wondering if they are large enough to take riders without the rider looking overly large on the model - the model looking overly large is not a problem, but if the rider looks too big it loses its effect. Thank you
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