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  1. I'm in! I can't even recall who's on my team at the mo!
  2. Damn it! Here ends my worst season ever (well not really but it feels like it) where in my final game I lose to the team that takes my playoff berth and it's not even managed! What's really annoying is I got the Vikings defence only after the eagles had played, so if the Eagles had played on a Sunday or Monday I'd have won! Khannnnnn! (Once again stealing Bish's Logon) Rupert EDIT: Oh my God it's worse, the transaction came in at 'Wed, Dec 1 4:31 AM', so if I'd simply have logged in before the Thursday kick off I'd have won :( Stupid Thursday games, I've always hated them.
  3. Now this just isn't fair, I looked at my computer this morning and the Pats D were listed as 1 point, come back this evening and they've jumped to 10. It's ridiculous! Not to mention that I thought I was a shoein when my opponent forgot to remove his bye week players :(. Still using Bish's logon :D Rupert
  4. Might have another mate that would like to be a part of this, just shot him an email, hopefully he'll get back to me soon. Rupert PS Apologies Bish for using your logon, but I forgot my password and cookies remembered yours :)
  5. Reading Renegades Keepers: Donovan MCNABB - 3 DeAngelo WILLIAMS - 3 Donald DRIVER - 1 Terrel OWENS - 1 Cut remaining
  6. I have posted my keepers and I've dropped those that I'm not keeping from my roster.
  7. I think Eddie Royal may have been a steal...
  8. Yep definitely, I was planning on mentioning it myself but got side tracked
  9. Bish80 - Cheyenne Mountain Dwarves Keepers: Donnovan McNabb QB Brandon Jacobs RB Bernard Berrian WR Chris Cooley TE David Akers K Vikings D/ST Ravens D/ST Didn't make the cut: Trent Edwards QB Musa Smith RB DeShaun Foster RB Najah Davenport RB Warrick Dunn RB Arnaz Battle WR Brandon Stokley WR Jeff King TE John Kasay K I'm saving £1 (or rather about $2!) I'll be there for the draft tomorrow.
  10. Hello all, I'm the guy who Rupert has recommended to join up with your fantasy league! 24th is good for me (draft wise). I believe I am taking over the Cheyenne Mountain Dwarves, true no? Can the league admin get in touch so we can sort out me getting on board. Looking forward to FOOTBALL and pounding you all! Bish
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