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  1. I'm a stickler for painting my figs as portrayed in the D&D Monstrous Manual. Helps my players identify what exactly a monster is as per its description in the MM. So, I would have to say light grey
  2. Thanx for the link, snatched those 3D modles up quick. I found Hero Quest (fully intact) at a yard sale, bought it for $5. The game sucks, but the figs are nice for extra models.
  3. Here is a great website for coming up with names for your evil PCs....or just not-so-nice good ones. Alternative Dictionary
  4. I dunno', but I think I have fallen off the bandwagon with my bases. I still use sand. I use matte overcoat in place of glue, and apply it some-what heavy onto the base. Then dip it into the sand.....carefully scraping off the sand that is stuck onto undesirable areas. Let dry...... Use a watered-down dark green and let the sand soak it up....let dry. Dry brush a light green.....then finally put another coat of matte overcoat. This process does not create a super-realistic base, but it is good enough for me. Also, it will stand the test of time for those who game with their figs. Never once lost a grain of sand....depsite constant handling, coke spills, droppage....and other misc. mishaps. As for creating a uneven surface.....I like Testors Sculpting Putty. (ya know in the little gray tube) It feels chalky when dried, but is super strong....good for filling in simple gaps too. Just beware, the stuff stinks to high heaven.
  5. If you don't mind me asking......what the heck is "NMM" and "YMMV" stand for? ???
  6. Hey, all I can say is that it's sometimes hard to paint eyes when your painting hand continually shakes. I get that nervous twitch in my wrist and my hand goes spastic on me. I guess for a shaky hand I do all right painting eyes....sometimes I'll even use the tip of a needle (with a tiny speck of paint) to dot my eyes.
  7. Hey NP CripDyke, I always loved coming up with the perfect names for characters. Sometimes the name of a character is the icing on the cake......sometimes its even enough to inspire a little fear into your players, like "Unemortis" did. Names for skoli...hmmmm.....Krathtawl, Vissilith, Rrigsok....hehehehe fun fun fun. BTW, Feel free to use the names, I would be honored to have someone be inspired by me. Plagerism is the most sincere form of flattery.
  8. Here's how I do it. 1. paint the face 2. Wash the face 3. Highlight the face 4. Paint the eyes white 5. Paint colored irises 6. Realize I got iris color on cheek...paint face again... 7. Painting face gets flesh color into eyes...redo eyes white again 8. Got white on cheek...errghh...paint face again...... 9. Ack!!!! painted over eyes again! Do over eyes yet again. 10. After carefully seperating eye color from cheek color i repaint the iris color 11. Get paint on cheek again....&$#$^$%^$%&......throw fig on ground and stomp promptly 12. Strip paint from fig, bend limbs back into correct position....begin alllllllll over again...with a sigh. Maybe I'll just get one of those pens for myself.
  9. One thing I always loved to do was rename all the character in videogame rpgs. Here's a list of some of my old d&d char. names: Joflij Draiocht: Crazy wood elf mage Grithwa: Human fallen Paladin Femme Unadalin: Elf thief Nozama: Giantess fighter Paleslave: Human bezerker that thought he was a dwarf Tobaiis: Human priest of the harvest (nothing like a cleric with a scythe) Rojin: Living Golem (don't ask), fighter/mage Jikano Tasslen: Wood elf ranger Taulder "Eaglehart": Drow (good aligned) fighter Xnothe: Evil human mage (wizard of Thay for those FR players) Unemortis: pronouced "oon-eh-more-tis" , was a teifling fighter, also an avartar of the god of torture. Promethius: Robotic fighter.
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