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  1. I was there, it was awesome. Awesomely busy.
  2. I would like to see giants and large monsters first. The types of things that I need at least one of, but can't justify purchasing in metal for only a couple of apprearances on the game table.
  3. Good video, but I still prefer the Jib Jab Year in Review. 2008 2007 2006
  4. Also, if it is not to late, check out The Soldiery http://www.thesoldiery.com/ It is directly behind the Laughing Ogre comics store.
  5. I second Armies of Arcana. It is not a GW clone in any sense. The point cost system allows you to "create stats" for any model(s) you own, allowing you to incorporate units of discontinued models/armies without a shedload of special rules and addendum. The rules are simple, elegant, and easy to learn. The heroes are not overpowering and the magic does not overpower the clash of armies. The fifth edition is now available but no one in the states is selling it yet (commercially). A forum for the game can be found here http://rajdhillon.forumup.ca/index.php?mforum=rajdhillon and there are a few who are importing small lots for resale at a minimal mark up.
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