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  1. Yep, fair reasoning. By a step backwards, I mean Ravenwolf may have corrected errors and/or made updates that I haven't made (I know I've fixed/updated quite a bit, but people have been pretty quiet with sending me bug reports lately ). I'll sift through Ravenwolfs files to see what he's done and make sure all the datacards are up to date then add my files to the AB updates mechanism. You should see new files appear within AB in a few days. Cheers, Russell.
  2. Thanks for the reassurance, I have downloaded the zip file but haven't had a chance to look through the data files yet. I've got two options at the moment that I'd like peoples thoughts on: 1. I hold off releasing my files until I've had a chance to combine the stuff in the zip file with my main release (this could be up to a week at the moment) or 2. I release my files now (well, there's about 2 hours more work finishing off the Goblins and checking everything) and then combine what I can from the zip files into the next update. I'm expecting that to be a couple of weeks away and will also contain the stuff from the Crusader Faction book. My current preference is 2. but I realise this may be a step backwards for those using the zip file (at least for a little while) so I'm happy to hear peoples thoughts... Going forwards, I'm happy to share the updates, but we'll need to be a bit organised about it so we don't tread on each others toes (well.... data files). I've split the files up per faction, but there's a lot of stuff that is common in the warlord.def and common.dat files. Could everyone who is interested in pitching in with these files join up to the Wolflair forums and post a reply to the Topic I've just started in the Warlord forum there: Wolflair Forum Link I'd rather use that forum to discuss all things AB as the interested audience is much smaller than the readers of this forum. Looking forward to hearing peoples thoughts. Cheers, Russell.
  3. Hmm, looks like I've been gazumped I've got an updated set of Datafiles with all of the sub-faction stuff from the Necropolis and Reven faction books almost ready to go. I've got a few tweaks left in the Reven stuff to make the Goblin sub list work properly and then I was going to update the files available through AB... Should I bother? Or are people happy enough with the files released here? I expect to have the Crusader book done in another 2 or 3 weeks. If I put some new files up, they'll overwrite whatever work has previously been done by RavenWolf as they certainly wont coexist with each other Just don't want to duplicate effort is all... Russell (AB file author) BTW, I must apologise for the tardiness with the file updates, but hey, you guys don't really care why - you just want up-to-date data files Also, there's a Warlord forum on the AB support site for discussing the Warlord AB files - if anyone is interested...
  4. There is an update currently in the works for the Army Builder files to include the stuff from the Crusaders and Necropolis books. just an FYI :-)
  5. Thanks for the support I'll grab the 2nd printing changes and the new datacards and do another update shortly... Cheers, Russell.
  6. It's only 2 months old... and I do try and keep it up to date... Are they that far out of date already?
  7. Thanks abngi, you are entirely correct, and I'll post here as soon as I know that it is fixed... Apologies for the inconvenience but it is out of my hands Russell.
  8. Sorry Mark, I thought I'd replied to your email already... appears I didn't The Totem of Battle IS missing for all races except the Crusaders... It''s fixed in the 2.4 version of the files (coming shortly) However, all of the generic cards are already included. Start AB3 and create a new "Freelance" company (generics are ONLY available in a Freelance comany). You can choose to show units available to either a Good or Evil company using the rulesets. If the number of available units is too overwhelming, use the predefined filters at the top of the window (Leaders, Troops, Elites, Solos) to narrow down the list. Hope that helps Russell.
  9. It is a Roster creation tool with data files available for many games (including Warlord). See Lone Wolf Development Russell.
  10. If you have any specific requests for additions or corrections to the Army Builder files, please email them directly to me. The easiest way to do this is from within Army Builder... Go to the "Help" menu and select "Contact Data File Author...". You can also see my email address if you go to "Help" and select "About Loaded Files..." That will ensure that I don't miss your messages I'll check out Azarphan and correct it as soon as I can. Sorry, but I don't understand the request for "slots for cavalry"... If you mean "I can't find the catapult and I can't find the cavalry" then that's easily fixed ... You can only use units from the "generic" lists if you choose a freelance company. Both the cavalry units and the catapult are available to freelance companies in the current version of the files. Hope that helps, Russell.
  11. I don't work for Lone Wolf so I can't change Army Builder or the way they've chosen to license it All I can do is change the way the Warlord files behave within the framework provided by AB3 The licensing scheme is described in detail on the Army Builder web pages (Army Builder Licensing) If you still have issues with the purchasing options after reading that, I suggest you take it up with the Lone Wolf guys because they really DO want to sell their product - just follow the "Contact Us" links on their web page (under "The Company") Disclaimer: There's absolutely nothing in it for me if you buy a copy of Army Builder... I just like it. Russell.
  12. Currently it doesn't. Have you had a look at the way the roster prints out currently? IMHO it's pretty usable as it is - and I'm open to suggestions on improving it (where it's possible within AB). If enough people would like a "better" printed roster than what's available natively in AB, I'm prepared to work on a custom output extension (when details of the formats etc are released by the AB guys). Cheers, Russell.
  13. Just a quick note about #1 and the GW comparison... Just this week GW finally released a model for the Eldar Wave Serpent... 6 years (or more?) after it appeared in the army list... So not even the "massive GW" can get their models out in time for their games... Most gamers can cope - especially if they know the models ARE actually coming Russell.
  14. Yeah - that's MUCH better :-) Oh bugger - now that's broken all the "download images" stuff within Army Builder v3 Ah well... Something else for me to fix for the next data files update
  15. I've just released the first version of the AB 3 files. As the Release notes in the files say, they are not complete... Still to go: * Add all the generic cards abilities and damage tracks * Fix/add the Army specific special abilities/troops/items/spells * Enter descriptions for special abilities (some are done) * Neaten up the display of the special abilities in printouts and possibly other things I can't recall right now :) That said, the files still should be fairly useful. I hope they're a lot easier to use than the Army Builder v2 files were - feedback on that is appreciated, use the "Help -> Contact Data File Author..." menu item from within Army Builder. Cheers, Russell.
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