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  1. lol. There's too many options to respond with here... she didn't used to be, the HRT tablets don't work... too many to pick one You're right, I didn't want her to be too big in that department, I'm hoping that this is down to my photo skills rather than sculpting skills that makes what she does have less apparent. Certainly looking at her 'in the flesh' she seems to be a she !! You're probably right about the wider hips she needs too. I think I probably filled out the waist/abdomen to much. I think it's too late to do anything about that now though, unless anyone can point me in the right direction? (Is greenstuff Dremel-able?) Again, thanks for you comments, Jay
  2. Alchemist & MamaGeek, thank for the kind words and face tutorials (i can't find the one on prestige miniatures, but the other was very useful) Qwyksilver, yea i should have thought of that :) Here's a couple of pics I'm working off for reference. I think the character is from an online game (heavens sword?), my gf thought it'd be a nice mini and made the choice of it being my first attempt ! The first pic is a charater sheet i made up from front & back concept art, the second pic is the original picture that my gf thought was nice, and is the pose it was trying to get. Hope these help with any critiques Thanks again, Jay
  3. Okay, so, I've been lurking in here for ages, can't remember the last time i posted, but thought i'd stick up a post at last. Hi everyone. I've been working on this sculpt and could really do with some honest feedback on it. As the title says, i'm dreading doing the face, so any pointers in that area would be nice, but any advice or critiques are more than welcomed :) I suppose I should mention that this is my first sculpt, but please don't go easy on me Thanks, Jay
  4. Orcsoul: Not entirly sure tbh, i've done a bit of searching on t'internet and found these type things: The Model Catalogue Airfix but these are glues/adhesives, so I'm not sure if i'm having my leg pulled or not. Serenity: Thanks for the info, i'll have to take a look at those others as well Jay
  5. Errr... not sure exactly, if it's a glue or something, but you can get Humbrol brand (the kind my dad used to use to put his airfix kits together with) I might be thinking of something different (liquid cement perhaps) I'm not entirely sure. Thanks for the pointer to milliput Rastl, i'll look into that as well. Jay
  6. Hi everyone... I recently heard that greenstuff can be thinned with liquid poly and pretty much painted onto surfaces to fill gaps and stuff. This would be really usefull, but is it true? can anyone confirm or am having my leg pulled?? Thanks, Jay
  7. Hi, Like you, I'm also stuck when it comes to sculpting 'traditionally' with green stuff - though in my case it's cause of my eyesight and my hands not being stable enough (plus, I'm no damn good at it) !! But I've been using zbrush for a while as well and have come up with some concepts for minis. I've been looking at getting some of my digital sculpts printed out, but with all of the services I've found the printed material won't hold up to the riggeurs of the vulcanised mold making. I was going to attempt to make an RTV mould out of the print and stuff it with greenstuff, which would be vulcanisable, but if you know something i don't..... Do you have a particular service in mind for this ?? Do you fancy sharing your secret?? Cheers, I-E
  8. Thanks for the answer folks. Never thought of asking for the pressure used, but that's handy to know. Thanks again J
  9. Hi, I'm sure i've read the answer somewhere in the forum, but i can't find it anywhere. Does anyone know what temperature the mould making process used by Reaper gets up to? Thanks, J
  10. hi, thanks for the link, i'll follow this up when i;'ve a little more time. Not sure what blue colours i'd use to get a similar effect, but at least its a place to start. i guess i'll have to play around with the colours a little to see what works best. Thanks again
  11. Hi, Does anyone know of a way to paint a shiny satin or silk look to the shirt of a mini. I'm trying to do a blue satiny/silky shirt. Thanks, I-E
  12. Matt, I'm just down the A50 from you, in Stoke - so there's at least one more here from the UK !!! I don't think i'm good enough to teach anyone anything, but the miniature mentor range of dvds have taught me loads. They're quite cheap, but great value if you download (and when the exchange rate is back in our favour, they'll be dirt cheap again !! ) If you're interested in learning the 'beginners skills', the one at the top of thier products page on the website is a good place to start (er, no, I'm not on commission ) As you're next door to GW HQ, its probly moot, but thought i'd point the dvds out anyway... i've found them a great help to improving some of the basic faults that i've had since Noah was a lad! I-E
  13. HI, Thanks for all the replies and pointers and what not (sorry, I'm a little rushed at the mo) I agree with you all. just to set the records straight as it seems (at least how I read some of the comments) that this was taken as my own design/imagination which created this - alas, no. This was actually the diaroma set from GW titled 'The fate of the Witch King - No Man can Kill Me' Gotta go just a quick visit tonight to straighten that out....
  14. Hi all, I've not finished anything for a while (damn you World of warcraft !!) but I;ve just finished this, this afternoon, and thought I'd like to get peoples opinions. This is going to be a christmas present for my dad (cause he likes lord of the rings) and I've been working on it in pieces of the last few months (damn you world of warcraft) until a final paniked rush over the last two days (damn you, world of warcraft ) Sorry about the amount of pictures , couldn't decide which one to use, so here's some from different angles and what not. I know its not great, and could do with loads of improvements, but critiques are more than welcome (the more brutally honest the better) Of course, comments and praise would be nice too Enough waffle, pics:
  15. Hiya, Here's my latest bunch of minis. Justine Winterhart (I had such high hopes for this one... ), Ellen Stone and Sela Windsprite. Any comments/critiques or feedback of any sort would be happily received. Thanks, I-E
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