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  1. I was a 4-pad backer, got mine a couple weeks ago.
  2. I backed Twisting Catacombs with a pretty substantial pledge.. around $250. Was a bit delayed but did deliver, and had amazing quality casts. Not sure I'll be in on this one, depends on the price point, but I would have no doubt as to their ability to fulfill. Twisting Catacombs was maaaasssiivve, and they got through that. Something like this with a much tighter offering should be no problem.
  3. I'm looking at "The Stage", which looks like (finally) a nice, flat wooden plank surface. I've already backed two other Basius campaigns so I have pretty much everything I want at this point. They're a very nice product, heavy duty. Takes a little bit of practice, but once you get used to it you will get insanely high quality impressions. I highly recommend the Endless Halls and similar pads. The ones with extremely fine detail can be tricky, it's difficult to prevent little bits of GS/ProCreate/Etc. from getting caught in the pad I had some issues with my "Damaged Runes" pad with epoxy getting stuck in the lettering, and sometimes in the moss, even using a release agent. Bit of a pain to get that out afterwards. The flagstone-y ones are the easiest to use and work the best.
  4. Been a long time since I've posted anything, been going through my collection of Battletech stuff. A lot is old Ral Partha unseen, these ones are the newer Iron Wind resculpts. I really didn't like the 1st Marik Militia color scheme when I started, I just wanted to do a "purple" Marik unit, but it grew on me and now these are some of my favourites. Currently working on a Comstar company. Having a lot less fun with that. Flat white color schemes are not a strong point of mine. ;P Getting better though.
  5. Probably an atomizer, otherwise the fog would rise rather than slide along the ground. So, this is a project you could build yourself for around $15. Small plastic jar, an ultrasonic atomizer from ebay, a little bit of tubing, and some hirst arts or Dwarven Forge walls to pretty it up. Or just paint the whole thing black and call it a day. A $5 atomizer will give you enough fog for a small table using plain hot water, no need to buy fog juice or dry ice. Obviously these ones are going to look better, and likely work more efficiently than a home-brew project. It does look like they pump out quite a bit of fog, so if you have a big table it'll probably give you better coverage than a cheap atomizer. Also it's got the nice pre-sculpted terrain pieces that fit in with Dwarven Forge tiles, so you wouldn't have the hassle of making that up for yourself. For me, price point for this is about $30. If that's where it's at, I could see myself picking one up. Otherwise I'll pass. Edit: Eek, $80 for the basic model. Going to have to pass on this one.
  6. I like the look of this thing, with but shipping level 6 is $55CAD. Pretty sure I can rig something up for less than half that much, which would be admittedly not nearly as attractive, but just as functional. I've got it starred but I'll probably pass.
  7. Following this. I'm interested, and they are certainly very nice looking, but shipping cost for stuff that big is never nice, and even though it's decent value, it's still a good chunk of change. We'll see what they can do with freebies to sweeten the deal down the road. Edit: Shipping cheaper than I thought it would be, I'm in.
  8. Worth mentioning as well, Hirst Arts floor tiles are about 0.5cm thick, and walls are just under 4cm high (3 x 0.5" pieces). So it sounds like these will match up very well with Hirst Arts, and be a little bit shorter than Dwarven Forge, but not too far off.
  9. What makes me not 100% sold is the uncertainty of scaling and compatibility. Just eyeballing it, and the conversions are approximate here, it looks like the floors are about the height of a Hirst Arts floor tile, a little under 1cm (1/4"). Wall thickness appears to be around 1cm (just under 1/2"), and wall height is about 4cm (1.5"), so total tile height is about 5cm (2")? If you could provide photos beside a ruler, or even a text description of exact dimensions that would be very useful in making sure this fits with people's existing terrain. Lastly, it's always a little sketchy backing a first-time creator. Especially when the campaign is looking like it will overfund by a good margin. I'm pleasantly surprised by your approach though. Not a lot of pledge levels, not a ton of freebies, and staggered delivery says to me that you understand your production capacity, understand your expenses, and have a solid plan in place for fulfillment. As long as things don't fly off the rails during the rest of the campaign I've got no reason to doubt your ability to come through. Now, as to suggestions for add-ons, maybe some accessories. Statues of pharaohs or gods - standing and/or seated, some kind of fountain or pool, and maybe floor tiles with inscribed decoration or geometric patterning. Best of luck with the rest of the campaign.
  10. I'm in for 2 sets right now. I'm Canadian so the pricing/shipping are reasonable, and I'm usually motivated to help out small businesses in the country. Not 100% sold yet but still have three weeks to decide.
  11. I spent a little over $300 on Viszeralyn after shipping and duty, I'd be willing to spend about the same amount for this. I'm not concerned about the morality of it as much in this case, as bad as that sounds, CMoN released it "once and never again", so it's not like they're losing anything by people making copies. If they were planning on selling more, then I'd wait and buy one legit, but it doesn't appear that they will. My concern is the quality. Photos they give are all of the original, not necessarily the recast version. I suppose you get what you pay for, but even at a reduced price, that's a lot of money to risk on something sight unseen. If I'm wrong and they're going to re-release, then I'd much prefer to buy direct from CMoN even at double the price of a shady Chinese recast.
  12. Gorgeous. The face is incredible, and I love the color selection. The emerald-ish armor gives some unique panache to the typical "green and brown" ranger gear without being garish or overstated.
  13. The CMoN limited edition from a few years ago. I did Viszeralyn, and I'm enough of a sucker for punishment that I want another gigantic dragon to paint. I've seen it for sale on a couple dubious Chinese webstores, one of which is selling them for the bargain basement (relatively speaking) price of $177 with free shipping, but they need 10 orders, and they produce it themselves, so who knows what the casting quality would be.. anyone have any experience in buying from the far side of the world, or doing that kind of order? Or know another place where I could get my hands on this thing?
  14. Hm. I had this on remind me, and I'm intrigued but not sold. I don't play the games, I just like to paint the minis. I went big on Dungeon Saga thinking that the plastic minis I got would look something like the Resin minis they showed, and was pretty disappointed, detail was maybe half as good as advertised. The only ones that I thought were worth painting were the two "special edition" resin ones I got as addons. Now I've got a big box of minis I won't paint for a game I'll never play that cost me close to two hundred bucks. Different company, I know, but I've never got anything from CMoN before either. No-BS assessment please: When the plastic shows up, how does it compare to the images they advertise on there? If the quality is noticeably worse, I'll pass.
  15. I believe the new textures not on any pre-existing pads are Crafted World, Digital Acid, Castle of Splort, Dojo, Devastated Dojo, HGV Trax, Immaculate Lawn, Skull Beach, Scullery, Stinky Bog, Spirit Stone, Tank Trax, and The Eloar. Starship Intersection has textures from the big "Industrial Pad", but in a layout not found on that pad.
  16. You really can't go wrong with the "More Endless Halls" one, if you get nothing else, that's worth picking up. The results you'll get out of that little stamp are incredible, and since it's flat it works with tiny amounts of putty. And yeah, I'm in for Damaged Runes, Ancestral Halls, Halls of the Bakery, and Skull Beach. My next four are Oaken Halls, Bakery Broken, Silverfalls and Farmhouse Ruins, should enough of them unlock I'll up my pledge from four to eight. I will say though, I'm puzzled by the unlock methodology. Makes more sense to me to unlock one every 800GBP instead of 10 every 8000GPB. But then again, I've got zero experience running a KS or a business, so what do I know.
  17. I'm in for four. I have their Imperial, Sanctuary and Mountain pads and they are crazy detailed, unfortunately just also very expensive. These mini versions are just the ticket.
  18. @Brother Jim.. after a bit of googling, it looks like some people are plugging the model data from the MWO client into their 3d printers. While it looks like reselling isn't strictly legal, if you know your way around a 3d printer you could make your own. I, unfortunately, have no such expertise or equipment, and so alas, I will just have to live in envy.
  19. Very nice! Who is selling MWO miniatures? I thought the copyrights for BT were so messed up it was virtually impossible for anyone but Iron Wind to sell them?
  20. You may want to look up a tutorial on how to paint sheer clothing, then instead of using a flesh undertone, use a white one, or whatever color you want your light to be. I've never tried this myself, so I can't be any more specific than that.
  21. Buy the epoxy you like in the double tube. Then using kitchen shears, snip the center connector between the plungers apart. Now you have two separate acting syringes, solving the too little or too much problem. How did I not think of this before? I'm torn between gratitude and embarrassment. :D
  22. I use 5-minute epoxy for anything load-bearing, or in cases where superglue just isn't doing the job. Superglue is nice for little fiddly bits that don't have to put up with much weight or handling, and it's great for resin and especially bones. 5-minute epoxy does wonders for metal though. Wonders. Edit: Gorilla is the brand of superglue I use as well. I can vouch for it's efficacy. My epoxy used to be LePage, but since they changed formats from the separate tubes to the dual-syringe style, I've been looking around for a different brand. I hate that dual-syringe. Maybe it's just me but I always squeeze out too much or too little. I preferred the little 5mL tubes where you could just squeeze out a little bit.
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