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  1. I am off and running with my Independent merc force (I still need a name for them. They will be painted red with black tiger stripes) and I want to make a Ritterlich force also (Rhinos and Wolverines, mmmm!) and I gotta have an Adon force too (Ogres and Scorpions and Spiders and Recluces! ) and... Oh I just got to make a force for all the factions!
  2. Awwright! I got a bunch of CAV minis from Gencon and I added them to the handful of CAV minis that have been sitting in a box for a while ( ) so I have written up a merc force for them. Armor Section: Dictator 60 Dictator 60 Challenger Challenger Puma Armor Section: Tyrant Tyrant Tyrant Tyrant Puma Armor Section: 6 Chieftans Mech Inf Section: 6 Rifle teams 2 Hedgehog OEMs Mech Inf Section: 6 Rifle Teams with Missile Launchers 2 Hedgehog OEMs Mortar Section 3 Heavy Mortar Teams 2 Hedgehog OEMs (one with increased capacity) Specialist Section Vanquisher This gives me lots of choices to play around with and I can use them all in a 6000 pt game with about 500 pts to upgrade things (like the infantry).
  3. Thank you! Yep, that sure is a good way to "rip them a new one"!
  4. I get the blaster SA until I get to the part about that says it "does not stack with any other SA". My confusion comes from the definition of "Stack". Say we are using the good old Rhino. It's GRCs have two SAs: Blaster and Piercing. If "do not stack" means "do not use" then when the GRCs are fired you gave to choose between using the Blaster SA (for better chance of a crit) OR using the Piercing SA (for better chance of a hit on non-soft targets). If "do not stack" doesn't mean that then the two SAs are used together (Roll to hit adding in piercing with a better chance to crit.). No other SA says anything about being able to "stack" with Blaster (that I could find). So, what does "stack" mean? Thx.
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