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  1. The CAVs in your list will be just fine (though I can't speak for the Haunt as I don't own any.) I might also add the Starhawk VI, Katana, Ogre II, Reaper and Imperator (not as bulky as the Emperor but they are still chunky), Rhino, and Tiger (another chunky fella),
  2. Looking to run a few demos at a local conditions. One or two teaching games and then a larger game with teams. For the team game would folks recommend doing initiative by section or by model? Looking at no more than 12 per side.
  3. According to the rule book you only need to target a model to force a shock test. Was this the intent or do you need to at least score a hit to force the test (even if no damage gets done?) It seems like a squad full of shock weapons could just spread out their fire just to force the tests if you don't actually need to hit first. Also, is it only one test per model activation or one per weapon system? Say a scratch built CAV is carrying two different weapon systems that both have shock. If I target one model with both systems does it test once or twice?
  4. You can only play the fight to the death style scenarios for so long before it's time for something new. Unfortunately the rules have zero rules or even ideas as to how to complete a scenario through other means than total destruction of your opponent. Now I'm sure I can come up with some home ruled stuff on my own but I thought I'd ask what other people do to score scenarios. Capture the flag? Take and hold table quarters or points on the map? Keep model X alive for Y number of turns? What do you normally do for scenarios? All ideas are welcome!
  5. I wasn't too happy with the idea right away either but as most everything I own ended up as open market models it really hasn't affected my force builds other than the fact that I can't mix some of my favorite models unless I play indedpenant forces (I love my Ogre and Mastadon). Plus, since it really is only myself and another guy who actually own the stuff we can always house rule stuff to make an exception if we want to.
  6. I'm looking at doing a independent faction and have a quick question. The rules say a task force can't pick models from more than a single faction. The independants rule says I can choose models from any faction. Let's say I decide to do open market models and throw in an Emperor. Are the remaining points I'm allowed to spend on other faction models limited only to Rach models OR could I say throw in a Mastadon (points willing)? The two rules don't really conflict but if I'm not allowed to mix and match (which I believe is the intent) then there really is no advantage for being an Indepenent faction since you could do the same list and call it Rach, Adon, whatever. Am I reading too much into this? Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks again for the quick answers. A few more Q's if you don't mind. Salvo fire with a section - let me rephrase the question. Say a section of 4 CAVs declare an IF salvo fire. After the target point is determined only a single model falls in the AOE. Is the model A) attacked once by the salvo at +3 to the roll or B) attacked 4 times with +3 to each roll. EST pods- is the TC bonus granted to models inside the bubble applied against ANY target or only the original target of the target lock? As I read it it looks like it can be applied against any target but as the target lock only affects a single target I just want to make sure. Thanks.
  8. A few last querries to help me clear things up. First is the procedure for the CFP. I'm having trouble wrapping my brain around the timing of this item. You have to declare all your targets when you activate a section but the CFP messes with this. Let's say I have 3 CAVs in a section all who decide to unload indirect fire, one of which has a CFP. Do I A) declare all targets, roll the target point for the CFP and, if successful, am allowed to change my original target point for those chaining in or B) Activate the model with the CFP, make the target roll and if it passes declare the other two CAVs chain in. In this case if the CFP model fails its roll I then declare other targets for the other two CAVs in the section. Any help to give my brain a kick in the right direction would be appreciated. Salvo fire with the CFP - Does each model in the section make a roll to attack or just the model with primary weapon system chosen? The entry hints that all models who chained in and declared salvo fire get to attack (with the primary weapon stats and bonuses) but it never comes out and says it. Defensive fire - another timing question. Let's say the same section later unloads direct fire into a single model. Does the target immediately declare who he is firing defensive fire at or does he wait until all fire at him is resolved and then pick? Does the defender get to fire defensively at someone who never got a chance to fire at him, say, because he is destroyed before the attacker gets to fire at him? I understand the defender needs to have LOS at the time of the attack which then begs the question if I DO get to fire at a model who declared fire at me but did not get to fire because the target was destroyed where does that fire need to come from in relation to the attacking model's move? Do they get to pick where along their move (if any) they would have taken their shots or does the attacker simply move, declare "I would fire from here" and let the defender resolve their defensive fire. Thanks again for the help.
  9. No spotters are needed for your indirect fire. Pick a target and let 'em have it.
  10. Thanks for the responses and the point to the FAQ. After reading it I do have a question regarding upgrades. Specifically piercing and shredder. Are the numbers listed added to the current value of a model's piercing/shredder values or do they replace them? For example if I choose to upgrade my Falcon with piercing/3 is does the Falcon really get piercing/8 or is it pointless to upgrade as I would be replacing piercing/5 with piercing/3? One last question. Are the points for upgrading ECM and EST reversed or are they added together to get to the next level? It says ECM/2 is 40pts and ECM/3 is 20pts. Do I pay 60pts if I have no ECM at all and want ECM/3? I can understand getting a discount on ECM/3 if I am upgrading from ECM/2 but as it reads now any model can upgrade ECM or EST to level 3 for only 20pts unless you add the levels together. Thanks again.
  11. Hello all. Just finished paging through CAV2 and have a few basic questions. Sorry if these have been answered somewhere else. Cover- Is there a limit for gaining the benefit of cover without also having your opponent get the same benefit? Say I stand in the middle of a wooded section. How far in can I be without giving my targets outside the wood the benefit of my cover? Also, is there a LOS restriction for going through sections of terrain or is it a true "what you see is what's affected"? I know CAV1 had something like a 2" restriction before you started giving your opponent cover benefits but I don't see anything like that in CAV2. AA and Counter Battery SA's - Do these abilities follow all the rules for defensive fire (aka once per section that fires) or are they activated per instance that they occur? For example a section with a Dictator and two Vanquishers is strafed by a pair of Tsuiseki. Both target the Dictator who is within 6" of both Vanquishers. Do I get to attack each aircraft that attacks or does each Vanquisher only get a single shot and must declare which aircraft they are firing at? I'm guessing it's the first option but I want to be sure. The entry at one point mentions defensive fire but it also states that the SA "may be used when fire from.....falls within 6" of the defending model". Also, the term defending model is a little confusing. It almost makes it sound like unless the unit that actually has the AA SA is the target you don't get to use the ability. Should I read "defending model" as any model who is not currently being activated and is friendly? Thanks in advance.
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