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    Music of all shapes and sounds.
    Playing guitar.
    Playing golf
    Old-style D&D and war games.
    Of course painting.
  1. JimL


  2. JimL

    Bergol Jagstone, Dwarf Ranger

    Good job,, great color selection.
  3. JimL

    Cygnar Lancer

    Nice looking piece, I'm unfamiliar with the game but wondering how many of these you would use to field a good battle?
  4. JimL

    Ellen Stone and the Amazon Ranch

    Beautiful piece, good looking chaps and hair.
  5. JimL

    Brother Deino

    Great job, beautiful red.
  6. JimL


    Very nice job, like the glowing eyes and the differing colors of the cloak.
  7. JimL

    A Klown and a Nun

    Great looking black and the nice vibrant colors on the clown.
  8. JimL

    "Updated" Princess Bride cast

    Have fun storming the castle!
  9. JimL

    60086 Ameiko Kaijitsu, Pathfinder bard

    Your flesh tones are always so impressive and the red is beautiful. Excellent job.
  10. JimL

    Red Mantis/Queen Bee

    Try using a desk lamp for more light. What I can see looks good. You must be in western Maine, only a few inches at my house. Rode out the storm in Rockland where it rained all day. Nice to see a fellow Mainer here.
  11. JimL

    Colette Du Bois

    Gorgeous work, very well done.
  12. JimL

    02510 Balto Burrowell, gnome sorcerer

    Beautiful as always.
  13. JimL

    Anyone who plays guitar on here?

    Been playing for 30 years, just adopted a Bill Nash S-63. I have various and sundry others including a Martin D16R, Fender HM Strat, my very first Yamaha acoustic and first electric an early 80's Univox.
  14. JimL

    03487: Dragonette

    Very cool.
  15. JimL

    Cleric of Urgathoa

    Great job, love the limited palette.