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  1. Maybe he just has really bad jaundice! Great start, I like the way the armor is shaping up.
  2. Well done, it looks like he may have enjoyed one too many mugs of ale.
  3. Damn your freehand practice! That is an awesome piece. Great color choices.
  4. Absolutely gorgeous. Your faces, sculpted and painted, are excellent. If you would entertain a technical question; which parts of the base are procreate and greenstuff and why did you use that compound for that particular piece?
  5. That is awesome for sure, great imagination with the suspended fish. Great concept.
  6. What a gorgeous piece. The vibrancy of the colors and the highlights really make it stand out. Excellent work on the base as well.
  7. She is beautiful, thanks for the WIP as well.
  8. I think that works much better and I actually like the color better as well.
  9. Beautiful pieces. The freehand work is fantastic. I love Althran's sword.
  10. Simple idea, tape. The stickier the better, duct tape works the best.
  11. Very nice, I'd say throw caution to the wind and go for it.
  12. Great job, darklining last, extra points for bravery. Thanks for the explanations, much to learn here.
  13. Wow, you can almost smell it! Multiple levels of awesome here but the axe head is extra impressive. The green shades are great also.
  14. Awesome dwarves, nice job on them. Love them Tre stumpies.
  15. Very nice, great job on the flaming red hair and beard.
  16. Nice piece. Great technique on the sword.
  17. Excellent work, congratulations on the win. I like the weathering effects, sword, coat, pants, etc. great job.
  18. Wow, that pattern work is awesome.
  19. Great project, thanks for the pictures, I think that first guy looks a little Santa-ish! I see you project space has all the required elements including a poleaxe and extensive shelf of unpainted minis.
  20. Wow, excellent piece. What a great base as well, welcome back to painting.
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