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  1. Great stuff, dig the bright colors. I'd be lucky to paint that many all year!
  2. Froggy, got them today, perfect timing for Halloween, great minis. Thank you.
  3. Passing question, are these washed or dipped? Great looking group.
  4. Beautiful job with all that black. Excellent facial expression and the wood on the floor is great.
  5. I'm in, anything that makes me paint is helpful.
  6. Nice job, a good wash or a dip would brighten her up fill in some shadows.
  7. Zombies rock, echo the denim, great job.
  8. Wow, excellent piece. I like the muted colors and the base is awesome. I wish I had the knack for sculpting like that.
  9. WOW, amazing stuff, the red on the hatter stands out to me. The basing is off the hook, great job.
  10. Great effect on the metal, cool fig.
  11. Great looking troupe, great base concept.
  12. Beautiful skin-tone, excellent job. What a great piece, love the base, thanks for the details.
  13. WOW, that's amazing. Captivating facial expression as usual and the base is a great finisher. I love the color choices, simple but impressive and the wing membranes are great.
  14. Awesome! It's the little things like the potion bottle, the crystal ball is chilling. Amazing sculpting as well.
  15. JimL


    Nice job, those are hilarious!
  16. Excellent, thanks for the WIP as well, it was great to see the progress on this. Good luck!
  17. WOW, what a great gift. Amazing work on this,the sculpting is awesome and the paint work is fantastic.
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