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  1. Excellent, I think the weathering is very convincing, especially the carbon around the canon muzzle and the white streaks. Here's a dumb question, how do you get the paint lines on the yellow so perfect? Tape maybe? Do these get mounted on a base for game play or are they coated with heavy lacquer to protect the paint?
  2. Beautiful piece, I'm sure in real life he had many great stories to tell.
  3. Nice looking stumpy, well done.
  4. What he said! Awesome as usual, man how do you paint eyes that small with so many layers?! The base is fantastic as well.
  5. Finished and just shot the first coat of Dull Coat. Should be in the mail tomorrow. A quick photo, didn't take the time to set up the photo box. Just draped the box liner over the top of my work light.
  6. Great eyes and good skin tone, well done.
  7. Nice to see it all finished, excellent.
  8. Fantastic, the sheer is amazing.
  9. Awesome! Thia is one of my favorite Reaper figures. I like how the yellow repeats from his skin tone to the mace's handle to the base and to the shield. The yellow tinge in the skin is a great effect. Man I love your metal work and the base is awesome as well, thanks for the explanation.
  10. Great work, wonderful job on the eyes you certainly nailed them.
  11. Great job, the details are solid, nice gems and base.
  12. That's a bummer, it's a day all animal lovers dread. Great mini, very well done and well based.
  13. Great stuff. I glue my minis to the end of a cork, seems to be the perfect size and it's easy to spin them around.
  14. Great stuff, those blades are awesome. Amazing what results you get for such a short amount of time.
  15. Great job. Great color selection. I have Thorvald half complete on my paint table, thanks for the inspiration to finish him!
  16. Awesome stuff. It's amazing how all the colors on the dwarf seem to belong together, like they're all shades of brown. Thanks for the palette shots, it's interesting to see how it moves from palette to mini.
  17. Cool looking mummy, I like the bandage color, it almost seems that they're moldy.
  18. Beautiful, echo the skintone. I'd be ecstatic to receive it. As far as the color and differentiation, it seems like it is begging to be a monochromatic piece but I still dig it.
  19. Great job, I really like the colors, it's always nice to see something different. Great base as well.
  20. Beautiful pieces, very efficient painting.
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