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  1. Love the armor, my eye sees a bronze/copper with a little patina. Great base, well presented, good luck.
  2. That green is gorgeous and I love her skin tone. Just like riding a bike.
  3. Awesome given time spent and beautiful results. Could you give more detail on your process? Do the halflings next, I still have this set or most of it anyway.
  4. Beautiful work, I like the color transition as she transitions to a fish.
  5. Those are great, interesting game concept too.
  6. Beautiful piece, excellent metal work.
  7. Wow, can't imagine the hours spent, beautiful work. Freehand is awesome you must have one steady hand or two for that matter!
  8. Great work especially for three hours. I love the Jonas figure, inspires me to get mine assembled and painted. Did yours have any casting issues with the cloak?
  9. Throw a little of that rust over here eh. Beautiful work and sweet beach cruiser.
  10. Well done, the plaque on the teeth and the woodgrain are my favorite parts and the NMM is really good.
  11. Like shopping early for Christmas!
  12. Wow! This is amazingly creative, congratulations on the award.
  13. Very beautifully done, what a great tribute.
  14. Beautiful, excellent armor and the freehand is awesome.
  15. Does anyone have a good source for a glass display box. I'm looking for something that can sit on a shelf. Everything I've found has been uber expensive.
  16. I have some GW LOR orcs that I bought in a moment of weakness that are cleaned and primed. I'll take a crack at a few of them.
  17. Wow, awesome metal work and the skin tones are great..
  18. Well done, nice job giving him "crazy eyes".
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