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  1. Great stuff, the base is well done.
  2. Very nice, the green is excellent. What are your minis stuck to that are waiting to be painted?
  3. Nice job, good looking base and display as well.
  4. Gorgeous, I like how you worked the red throughout the piece.
  5. Nice job with the metal, lots of time invested for sure.
  6. Very nice for number three, keep at it.
  7. Nice work, the green looks great.
  8. Spandex and minis...nice combination!
  9. Awesome! That freehand is beautiful.
  10. Your patience is impressive, the project is coming out great.
  11. Gorgeous piece, NMM, all the details and that base are awesome.
  12. Awesome, all that brown and you make it work so well. Amazing work on the blades.
  13. JimL


    Beautiful, I like the work on her blade and the stockings. Excellent job.
  14. Nicely done, no flamethrowers?
  15. Froggy would make a flamethrower out of it!
  16. Beautiful work, I need a good layoff if that's the result. The cloak and the metal work are awesome.
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