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  1. Thanks Madog that is great information! I've been struggling to figure shading on metallics out. I been experimenting with inking and have some great ink from Reaper. Possibly I'm not thinning it enough because it doesn't seem to darken as I'd like. Thanks again for all the advice I appreciate it.
  2. Awesome job on Alastrials cloak! I'm just starting the same fig. Great job on theothers as well!
  3. I love the color on Eldessa very cool, any inspiration there? Wyrd is also excellent! All of them are good solid work.
  4. Nice Job! I like the highlight ing on the blue and the blue and brown work good together. Who is the manufacturer?
  5. Looking for suggestions on how to make the orb at the end of Alastriel's (Reaper 02967) staff shine. I've seen some tutorials out there but can't recall where.
  6. Truly Amazing! Dare I ask how many hours went into it? I love the display bases, what is your source? The freehand work is fantastic!
  7. I love the base structure itself, pretty cool. The figure is really freaky but I like it!
  8. Wow! Amazing job! The water is really cool.
  9. Thanks for the responses, I did paint the eyes but the helm does block them and they are very small as well. I used some blue ink on the armor and helm to try to get that blue steel effect. What do you guys use for dark shadow on weapons, and is it metallic or non-metallic?
  10. Finished this figure recently. I haven't painted for a number of years and recently needed a figure for a game with some old friends. I did a bunch of research online including this post and had at it. I kept the base plain because he'll be used for playing often and will get handled a lot. Let me know what you think.
  11. Very nice work, love the colors. What did you use for colors on the axe? I'm having trouble finding a dark enough metallic for weapon shading.
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