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  1. Very nice, I like the tall base for this mini, it fits well.
  2. Nice job, quick but still good details like the mud around the bottom of the cloak and the gem on the quiver, nice base too.
  3. Damn your quickies, beautiful stuff.
  4. Awesome, I think I may have had a girlfriend who could transform like those terminators...spooky.
  5. Very cool, er hot. Base makes a great complement.
  6. Boy I dodged a bullet. It's my wife's birthday so I will be unable to attend. Good thing I figured that out before I told her I was going to Mass. on her birthday! Sorry I can't make it, it would have been nice to meet everyone.
  7. This is a collective list from our group of players: Rail Baron Fortress America Axis and Allies, all editions Awful Green Things Search for the Emperors Treasure
  8. Fantasy in itself is not unlike all literature, it has subsections and genres all it's own. I am a huge Terry Brooks fan, which was what got me hooked on fantasy. I read Tolkien after the Sword of Shannara series and never made it past the first part of the The Two Towers. It wasn't until years later that I developed an appreciation for Tolkien. However, Brooks wrote a series of Landover books that I never cared for. Even with the success of Brooks, fantasy still doesn't get the respect it deserves. To me it would be easier to write a story set in a real world than to create a world to write the story in.
  9. Game of Thrones did not disappoint. Good setup along the storyline of the book. It should be a good series.
  10. Good job, nice eyes for a second try.
  11. Wow, great choice on the eyes. Overall it is beautiful!
  12. For a temporary fix, Game of Thrones starts tomorrow night on HBO.
  13. Krylon gloss for 2-3 layers and Testor's Dullcoat to kill the shine.
  14. Beautiful work. The stark darklining gives it a bold look. The gold on the pommel of the sword is fantastic.
  15. Violet would fit nicely with the color scheme and red would give a really sinister contrast. Tough decision.
  16. Thanks for the comments everyone. The eyes are the best I've done and it certainly helps that they are much bigger than the human sized Reaper figures. Reaper has great Orc miniatures which is one of the biggest reasons I started this Reven army.
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