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  1. Great job on the optics, nice looking piece.
  2. A work day for me, bummer. I will attempt to squeeze out of it. It would be nice to meet some fellow addicts.
  3. Very nice, great eyes and gems.
  4. Just finished Varaug for my Reven army. I imagine him kicking around the goblins to keep them in line. http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/42074-14108-goblin-skeeters/ A bunch more to go but this is a good start.
  5. JimL

    what cameras

    I have a Nikon D90 with a 18-105mm lense that I use for general photography but it works great for miniatures. I also bought my wife a Nikon CoolPix S4000 for Christmas and the macro mode works really well for miniatures as well. I don't have as much control as with the D90 which is full manual but you can manipulate enough of them to get a good job done.
  6. This is really gorgeous, I like the progression for the wings, can't wait to see it finished. Amazing project.
  7. Great battle damage, very nice fig.
  8. That cape is gorgeous.
  9. Great stuff, especially like the metal work on the cleaver.
  10. Great looking figure, color choices really make it.
  11. That green is gorgeous, great base too, I like the bubbling goop.
  12. Very nice job, I can appreciate the bear rider having painted one recently. I really like the work on the bear. Great looking red on Satheras too.
  13. Beautiful work, what was your mix with the clear green? Right from the bottle? I just purchased clear red to brighten up some red leather armor, but I'm conflicted about how to apply it.
  14. I don't use my iPod very much but my car stereo is loaded with 6 Joe Satriani CDs. I have a tendency to overdo it! Saw him live in December and I'm still jonesing for more.
  15. Very nice, love the color choices and base.
  16. Absolutely gorgeous, I love the bright white highlights in her hair.
  17. Neat idea, and well painted.
  18. Beautiful stuff, have to echo that blade, love the blue center and the base, very unique.
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