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  1. Thanks, time wise about 6 or 7 hours in them if you include prep and basing, a lot of starting and stopping, an hour here and there.. The ones I currently have add up to 15, more skeeters, orcs, Braug the Ogre, two leaders, a Hill Giant and a goblin mage. The big guys will take some work, hard to hide anything on a figure as big as the giant. Most of these I bought (except the ogre and giant) were closeouts at an online store, so I basically bought what they had left for Reven models, so they don't really make an official pointed army. I need to work on that list and fill in the gaps.
  2. Awesome, machine gun toting, fly riding royalty, great combination.
  3. Great stuff, nice freehand and OSL effect.
  4. Those are great, too bad they're OOP they'd be nice to have. The skin tones and metal work are really nice.
  5. Thank you both for the comments. I used a three-step process, basecoat, heavy brown ink wash, and then lightening them up with the original basecoat color because the brown ink darkened the basecoat significantly. (If you count the touch-ups and oops forgot a bag here and a strap there, more like 20 steps!) The bases are three basic colors, one tan basecoat and grey and green drybrushes with the same ink wash, although a little thinner. I have a hard time calling something done, I started to paint a gem on the back of a quiver but thought it would stick out versus the rest of the model. My plan is to carry the red and brown ink through the rest of the army.
  6. Just discovered this post, very cool. I tried to make mushrooms the other day. They look remarkably like boogies...very not much like mushrooms.
  7. Wow, it must be hard and awkward to work on something so big. Great progress.
  8. The beginnings of a Reven army. I don't usually paint more than one mini at a time but I need to get moving or these guys will never see battle. Table top quality is what I was going for, base colors, a few highlights and a good ink bath. Comments and suggestions most welcome. Kharg is next up for paint.
  9. Lots of great things going on but the red cloak really stands out to me, not overdone, very nice. You are the metal master.
  10. Congratulations, it'd be great to see some pictures of them in the field.
  11. I find looking at the painting forums makes me want to paint more, seeing other people's work is great inspiration. Also visiting my FLGS or perusing the online stores works for me as well, but beware shopping is the number one cause of buying and is directly linked to over-flowing shelves of shame!
  12. Oh my unassembled figs. are well organized and stored in plastic cases, or littered about the office! I think my priorities are skewed... Great information, there are some names I haven't seen or heard of, very helpful.
  13. Beautiful and the rose glow in his face is spot on.
  14. That is awesome, thanks for the WIP too. I like how the blue carries through to the base as well.
  15. The finished minis are starting to pile up. I'd like to hear how everyone is storing their completed miniatures.
  16. Great stuff, the details bring the game to life.
  17. Nice job. So you took a break from painting orcs to paint and orc, nice!
  18. Very nice, great display base.
  19. Very interesting. Great work on the minotaur.
  20. Something to look forward to. I have been procrastinating painting Bile the Wyvern and I'm, sure Cinder is much bigger.
  21. Great stuff, the eye on the beholder really stands out, excellent.
  22. Beautiful, the color scheme really draws you in. Love the glowing goggles and the base is awesome.
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