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  1. Impressive group. Just curious, are they for sale or did your FLGS commission them for game play?
  2. Beyond awesome! I am in sheer wonder of the amount of work it took to accomplish this.
  3. Nice job, great color scheme. The base could use some ballast, grit, sand, pumice paste etc. between the layers of cork to make it look like one chunk of rock.
  4. Gorgeous, beautiful hair.
  5. This lady went out to Herzogbrian last week. The shield is a little rough but I couldn't seem to file it down and not lose the details. It was also my first attempt at NMM. Brian, I hope she fights well.
  6. I would be interested to see Warlord in action.
  7. Beautiful job, lots of things to fiddle with but that's what makes her so interesting. Maybe the #2 is my key to better eyes.
  8. Beautiful, the colors work together so well on the back and that base is great. Nice metal work too.
  9. Reasonable drive for me, I could do the 22nd.
  10. Interesting, depending on the location, I would be interested.
  11. I love all things technical, HD video, digital quality sound, high-end computer games, my smart-phone etc... But there's nothing like sitting down to a classic board game with lots of plastic game pieces... It's like running into an old friend you haven't seen in years...BTW America won, as usual. (I have some pictures but couldn't find a link in this forum to attach them.)
  12. Received a great mini today I think from Inarah. I took a couple of quick pictures, I'm going to be out of town for a few weeks but wanted to say thank you very much. Exchanges are awesome, it's nice to get a surprise in the mail! Great job on the plaid, well painted.
  13. I like the treatment on the goggles and beautiful eyes. Nice leather work on the boots and the frosted hair fits her perfectly.
  14. Finished and will be in the mail tomorrow.
  15. Thanks, I'll go back and try that, it's not sealed yet. When I shot the first photos I was thinking that I should have undercoated him with a darker shade, in the armpits and such during basecoating.
  16. Nice, the weathering goes well with the overall figure.
  17. Gorgeous job. The cloak is fantastic.
  18. The pictures don't do the detail justice. Aside from some scrapes on the base, I like the final results, those plastic bases are tough to clean up. Comments and critiques most welcome.
  19. I thought the contest thread was open until midnight on the 14th. It's presently locked, 7:50 EST 2/14. Here's my entry if I can still get it in.
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